5 Reasons to Watch Urdu 1 Drama Be Aib

Urdu 1 Drama Be Aib

Urdu 1 is determined to change the trends of the routine, run-of-the-mills serials by launching a new drama under the name Be Aib.

The new Urdu 1 drama Be Aib seems to have all the ingredients that will keep the audiences hooked to their screens.

The glimpses of the serial showed so far looks promising. The cast members also, are enough to enchant the viewers. They include Samina Peerzada, Alishba Yousuf, Noor Hassan, Maryam Ansari, Imran Aslam, Sherhryar Zaidi and Ismat Zaidi. From their looks to their characters, they seem to set the screens on fire.

On that note, here we give our 5 reasons why you should watch  Drama Be Aib.

The Mesmerizing Story-Urdu 1 drama Be Aib

Urdu 1 Drama Be Aib is a story about a woman who is obsessed with perfectionism. She can do anything for keeping things perfect.

The character is played by versatile Samina Peerzada. Her obsession for perfection leaves mayhem in the life of her daughter (Alishba Yousuf).

She is depicted to be in charge of the lives of people around her. And she loves to play with them in order to seek what she desires for.

Will her daughter be able to keep with her mother’s perfectionism or will she break her fantasies? Watch the drama to keep up with the story.

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Be Aib promises love, passion, drama and rage.

The Hot n Spicy Dialogues

What keeps a good show going apart from its storyline? It’s dialogues of course!

The script seems to be captivating and the dialogues will hook you to the characters.

We certainly expect a great content watching the trailers.

Alishba is Back!

After a long time, our cutie pie, innocent and sweet Alishba Yousuf is back on screen.

Alishba debuted with her drama serial Chand Pe Dastak, leading to her role in the super hit drama Main Abdul Qadir Hoon.

We are definitely looking forward to her comeback on the small screen. Let’s see how she will charm us in this Urdu 1 Drama Be Aib being the daughter of a perfectionist mother.

How will she survive her antics?

Will she has to pay the price for turning her mother down?

Let’s wait for the series.

Samina Peerzada’s Look

The beautiful, evergreen and versatile performer of Pakistan Entertainment Industry is back in a new avatar and character. She has been playing poor helpless roles in the dramas for a long time now.

Her attire in Urdu 1 Drama Be Aib is flawless and sharp all at the same time. It will be a treat to watch her.

Noor Hassan and Alishba Yousuf’s On-Screen Couple

The duo has paired up for the first time. We have seen them giving their best performances in various dramas. We hope that they will set a sizzling chemistry on screen with this drama.

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This new couple in town carries with them a lot of expectations from their fans across the country.

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Urdu 1 Drama Be Aib is a story about the lives of people who are never satisfied no matter what they had. Stay tuned to know more.

Review drama Be Aib on Urdu 1

Drama Be Aib has gained massive popularity ever since it has started airing on Urdu 1. I think Urdu 1 needed a hit like this to continue the success that it enjoyed in it’s early years.

When I watched the first few episodes of this drama, I concluded that it’s all about a woman’s obsessions. One of her major obsession is the idea of perfection, which is definitely a huge problem when it brings in other people. As there are expectations when someone is living with the idea of perfection, it creates a lot of problems for the people around her.

Thankfully, it isn’t your typical romantic drama so there is so much to watch in Be Aib. I hope all of you will be watching this drama. Make sure you keep an eye on Alishba Yusuf who has started to come off good in her early years on TV. Then there is the legendary actor Samina Peerzada who is playing the lead.

If you watch the drama and you like it, don’t forget to watch it on Vidpk. You get to see the ultimate HD quality and all episodes are updated as soon as they air on TV.




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