5 Quick Drinks to Stay Hydrated in Ramadan

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The great month of Ramadan is here with all its blessings. But this blessed month is a real test of patience for all the believers with long hot days of June. The sun is getting hotter and the mercury levels are soaring, quite a challenge to fast during the peak of summer season. Let’s see 5 Quick Drinks to Stay Hydrated in Ramadan…

Apart from bearing the challenge the weather throws at you, you need to adjust your body to survive the month healthy and happily.

Scorching sun, load shedding and no water, the biggest challenge you need to conquer is to keep your body hydrated. Low water intake during Ramadan can cause serious health issues but don’t worry we are here for the rescue.

Here are 5 refreshing drinks that will not only keep you hydrated but also boost your energy levels and keep your body cool.

Pina Colada – 5 Best Drinks to Stay Hydrated in Ramadan

pina colada

The thirst quenching cocktail made with pineapple and coconut is a relief to your thirsty throat. The chilled drink will boost your energy levels instantly. This tropical paradise will make you forget the hot treatment of the weather.

The drink is quick and simple. All you need to do is blend ice, frozen pineapple and coconut cream with some pineapple juice. Garnish the drink with pineapple slices and the drink is ready to be served.

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Mango Lassi – 5 Quick Drinks

mango lassi

Summer is not only known for its hotness but for the king of all fruits, The Mango!

What if you combine the sweetness of mangoes with the coolness of yogurt, a diehard combo!

Almost everyone loves mangoes. Blend milk, yogurt, mango pulp, sugar and some cardamom seeds. Serve chilled.

A perfect refreshing drink is ready to boost you after an exhausting day.

Keep reading 5 Quick Drinks to Stay Hydrated in Ramadan. One of the awesome drinks is yet to come

Falsa Juice – 5 Quick Drinks to Stay Hydrated in Ramadanjuice falsa


Another speciality of the summer season is the tiny, purple, tangy berry, falsa. Though many people may not like it but its juice is quite awesome.

Here’s the instant recipe. Add water, sugar, falsa and black salt in reasonable quantities. Mix them in a blender. And your drink is ready.

Chilled falsa juice will leave you awestruck with its coolness and flavour.

Watermelon Slush – Stay Hydrated in Ramadan

watermelon slush

The perfect hydrator – watermelon can pay off for your dehydration all day long in a more refreshing manner.

This damn delicious drink will take your five minutes and 3 ingredients from your kitchen.

Slice up watermelon, put them in a blender. Add ice cubes and sugar. Press the start button on your blender and give it 5 minutes. Your watermelon slush is ready.

You may squeeze a lime to add the tanginess element to your drink. This vitamin enriched drink is certainly going to be your next favourite.

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Almond Shake – 5 Quick Drinks to Stay Hydrated in Ramadan


The nourishing almond shake is not only cool and reviving but also healthy and stimulating. This protein rich energy drink will fill up the water gap in your body within no time.

Add almond milk, yogurt, sugar, almonds, cardamom seeds and ice in a blender. Mix them well. The terrific drink is ready to serve your taste buds.

Try these flavoured water sources at your Iftar table this Ramadan. We are sure you and your family will enjoy them. They will also keep up with your body’s required energy content.

Healthy fasting!




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