5 Pakistani TV Dramas That You Should Watch When Bored

Pakistani TV Dramas

There are a number of Pakistani dramas going on different channels, but at times you want to see something different. Some could be entirely a one-time entertainment and others could be such an inspiration. Pakistani drama industry is wonderfully loaded with all varieties of content. If you have nothing on your list, grab any of the following series and you’ll never feel bored.

Here are the 5 Pakistani TV dramas to watch when bored:

Shehr e Zaat (HUM TV)

Shehr e Zaat

The series starring Mahira Khan alongside Meekal Zulfiqar and Mohib Mirza was aired back on Hum TV back in 2012.

Directed by Sarmad Khoosat, the story by Umera Ahmad was greatly portrayed on the screen. Great actors like Samina Peerzada and Hina Khwaja Bayat were also a part of the series. If you have a good approach at acting, you can never ignore a drama serial casting such great actors.

The story is as the name suggests, revolves around the self-journey of a girl. Falak played by Mahira Khan is a day dreamer. The plot revolves around her journey from being a day dreamer to how she understands the spiritual meaning of her existence. It’s so relishing to see the transition of a girl into a mature woman.

The storyline is superb and the director has wonderfully depicted it on the screen. The series will lure to keep following it till the end.

Meri Ladli (ARY Digital)

Meri Ladli

Meri Ladli received much praise when it was aired on ARY Digital back in 2012. The story written by Maha Malik depicts many issues residing in our society; showing the hatred and narrow-minded approach of people around us. A great writer she is, Maha has written awesome dialogues for the play.

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The show also put the existing gender issues in the limelight and portrays in a beautiful way to disapprove and disown such stone-age approaches.

The show has a mix of some great old and new faces. Actors like Maria Wasti, Sajjal Ali, Urwa Hussain, Ahsan Khan and Sami Khan has won the audiences with their great performances. Maria Wasti, Sajjal Ali, Urwa Hussain, Ahsan Khan and Sami Khan has won the audiences with their great performances.

Meri Ladli is one of the most decent Pakistani TV dramas to watch when bored.

Adhoori Aurat (Geo TV)

Adhoori Aurat

Geo TV managed to telecast a wonderful series in 2013 under the name Adhoori Aurat.

The show stars Ayeza Khan and heart throbbing superstar Faisal Qureshi in the lead roles. It is a beautiful journey to follow in 27 episodes.

The drama was successful in keeping the audiences hooked to their seats.

Maheen Rizvi was the right choice for the role of Faiza; the vicious and ego-centric girl who can’t possibly accept defeat. The audiences hated her and that shows the justice she had done to her character.

A captivating storyline with excellent dialogues, Adhoori Aurat will never let you stuck in the boredom.

Aunn Zara (APlus) – Pakistani TV DramasAunn zara

The family rom-com series Aunn Zara was greatly appreciated by the audiences of all age groups. It was the first great performance by Maya Ali as Zara. Osman Khalid Butt as Aunn, a young boy living with some overprotected mothers was exceptional. Don’t forget to add this drama in your list of top Pakistani TV dramas.

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It’s a perfect delight for the viewers who love to watch a family show with excellent acting and beautiful dialogues.

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The series was aired on APlus in 2013. It enchanted the audiences by its charm. Aunn Zara is a treat to watch. It should be on everyone’s priority list when you feel bored.

Bashar Momin (Geo TV)

Bashar Momin was a mega project of Geo TV. It was aired in 2014 and gained much popularity among masses.

The actors went through major makeovers for their characters in the series. The direction, screenplay, storyline, and dialogues are also great.

You will certainly enjoy this drama.

This was our list of 5 Pakistani TV dramas that you should watch when bored. You’ll surely have a great time!




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