5 New Hidden Features WhatsApp, Known By Intelligent Users Only!


WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging service, which presents timely updates in order to make quick improvements to its messaging platform. There are a lot of hidden features WhatsApp you must know!

In addition to the latest hidden features Whatsapp like Giff support and video call, this messaging app has a treasure of other amazing features, which are still away from the clutches of its users.

Hidden Features WhatsApp

5 new hidden Features of WhatsApp are mentioned below. You will surely find this list, quite useful.

While Having A Group Chat, How To Reply A Specific Message

Reply to a specific message in a group chat

This latest and handy feature allows its users to quote a specific message while having a chat. It is quite simple, what you have to do is tap and hold on a desired line of text, and touch the backward arrow button, which appears on top of the screen. This will allow the user to highlight that specific message, which is required to be replied.

When having A Group Chat You Can Find Out Who Has Read Your Message

Hidden Features WhatsApp

It is not difficult at all to know who has read your message in a chat group. Although WhatsApp does it in a one-on-one conversation, yet there is a simple way to find it out. Just press and hold the message sent by you.

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After that hit the ‘i’ button on the top screen of your device. In this way all your friends in that group, who have read your message, will be shown by this app.

How To Listen Voice Message Discreetly?

Mostly, WhatsApp users prefer this app for its ability to send voice messages. Nevertheless, there is a problem with this hidden features WhatsApp. The default setting allows voice messages to play only on the speakerphone. It is not possible to hear such messages if you are at a public place or in a gathering.

You can listen to your personal messages discretely by using a simple trick. Just play the voice message and take your phone next to the ear. By doing so, voice message will be automatically played on the earpiece.

Is It Possible To Notify a specific user in a chat group

Is It Possible To Notify a specific user in a chat group

You can notify a specific member in a chat group by adding a sign @ the user name of your friend and type the message. In this way, you can mention any member of your group. Such member will receive a message, notifying that he/she has been mentioned in a conversation.

Manipulating The Specific Text To Relate More Emphasis To It

Manipulating The Specific Text To Relate More Emphasis To It

This hidden features WhatsApp is out there for a long time, even though for most of the WhatsApp users, this feature is still an unknown treasure. Through this specific feature, users can put emphasis to a particular word in a message by simply adding various symbols before and after that specific word.

To make a word bold, use asterisk ( * ) before and after such word. Similarly, by adding underscores ( _ ) the text will appear in italic style. Moreover, you may strike off a word by placing the tilde ( ~ ).




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