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Humrahi Urdu Movie - Part 2

Film: Hamrahi (Urdu - 1966)
Producer: G.S & Co.
Director: Raja Hafeez
Dialogs: Ahmad Rahi
Cinematography: Azhar Barki
Music: Tasadduq Hussain
Lyrics: Muzaffar Warsi
Singers: Masood Rana & Irene Perveen
Actors: Khalid, Haidar, Hinna, Santosh, Mohammad Ali, M. Ismael
Guest stars: Darpan, Ejaz, Habib, Yousuf Khan, Sawan, Mazhar Shah, S. Suleman, Iqbal Kashmiri, Salma Mumtaz, Rangeela, Munawar Zarif, Zulfi, A. Shah Shikarpuri, Hameed Wain, Saqi, Asad Bukhari..

A memorable classic musical film without any typical romantic song, -scene, -dance or any fight scene. Released on May 6, 1966 and was a golden jubilee hit film on box office, with many famous film actors as guest stars.
This film also belongs to the legend singer Masood Rana, who sang seven amazing songs and became the best ever film singer in Pakistani Urdu and Punjabi films.
In this video, you can watch a cut of President Gen. Mohammad Ayub Khan's speech on the morning of September 6, 1965, when Indian army attacks Lahore and Sialkot and also some scenes of battle fileds.
Show Name:Movie Bolay To Picture
Added:27 Jan 2011
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