Freedom Rally

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1 Dec, 2007

The most awesome game ever played in the history of Pakistan, Freedom Rally a subsidiary of Visionary Group. This is Pakistan's first motor sports company. Organizing off road 4 x 4 and bikes rally since 2004, In 2007 4th Freedom Rally wich was sanction by MAP according to FIA (Federation Inernationale de L'Automobile) rules and regulation 1st time in the history of Pakistan. Now Leading 4 mega events Jeep Rally, Drag Race, Bike Rally and Auto Cross.
Company Profile
Visionary group Pakistan; is a group of young, energetic, devoted, professionals. As our mission statement suggests we don't compromises on less then professionalism. We are here to bridge the gap and gauge the change, we want to lead Pakistan into the new world of Geo-Economic and yes we are working for it at all levels. Now this is high time that we should work hard to bring a new identity to Pakistan by bringing adventurism in the country and to give our youth a new direction and FREEDOM RALLY IS THE BRAND OF CHANGE.
As a Pakistani it is our duty to make our beloved homeland more beautiful although there are many efforts and attempts going on but it's the vision of all the visionaries that Balochistan (the biggest province of Pakistan ) holds the key to the gate of progress and prosperity, Freedom Rally, Pakistan's first motor sports company proudly presents 4TH FREEDOM RALLY 2007 a colorful event that takes place on the independence day of Pakistan, as it is growing year by year started from 14th August 2004.
4th Freedom rally 2007 is Pakistan's first approved FIA(Federation International De' Automobile) rally and it is also mentioned in the event calendar