Drawar Fort,Cholistan Desert (Pakistan)

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18 Nov, 2007

Pakistan is home to many dynasties, kingdoms and civilizations, which once thrived in every nook and corner of its landscape. Moving up from the Indus valley ruins, one should not forget to visit Rahim Yar Khan and then the nearby Cholistan desert, where remains of a huge Drawar Fort still attract visitors from all over the world. No one really knows who built this massive fort amid the desolate Cholistan Desert and when. The only authentic source available on its history names a Hindu prince Rawal. But the fort in its present shape is attributed to the Abbasi rulers of Bahawalpur. The fort is comparatively in good condition from outside but due to years of closure because of family feuds over its possession, most of its chambers and structures inside the fort are in a sorry state. The 100 years old Drawar Mosque, built with white marble stone is also in somewhat good condition. There is a family grave yard of the Abbasi Nawabs in the area. Their tombs are built with marble and decorated with blue glazed style which contrast beautifully Ochre landscape.