President Pervaiz Musharraf! We the people are with you!

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14 Nov, 2007

- Yes, the people are with you!

- There is yet to be a protest where more than 300-400 people have participated. People have shown such love and affection for you that I feel like saluting the people of Pakistan.

- But why? People outside must be thinking what the hell is he saying. We hear about protest everyday. Well few hundreds lawyers do protest but media is projecting it as a revolution. Media can spin it as much as it likes but it isn't happening for them.

- Reason why there has been no protest has also to do with who is asking for protest

1) Osama: Terrorist
2) Mullah Omar: Terrorist
3) Justice Choodary: says judges should not take oath under PCO. He himself took oath under PCO and is a PCO product. This man has no morals. He is a feudal and an extremist disguised as