Day 4 of LUMS Protest - Message for Defence of Judiciary

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13 Nov, 2007

A LUMS student (the identity has not been revealed for security reasons. in Pakistan today a speech like this would be enough to try one in a anti-terrorism court or earn a civilian a court-marshal!) discusses the importance of supporting the actual judiciary which has been forcibly dissolved through military means and refusing to recognize which the military regime has set up to get a ruling to perpetuate its rule. This puppet judiciary is a mockery - a mere facade to give the impression of a proper governmental infrastructure - a judiciary, a legislature and an executive. In actual fact, Pakistan lacks an essential pillar of state right now - the judiciary has been smashed and replaced by a ghost structure which does not fool, should not fool and must not fool anyone. Where a state has no judiciary, where is the rule of law there - does it not then become a lawless state, an anarchic state, in fact hardly a state - more like a rapidly disintegrating over-centralised colony.