Ek Machhar Sala Pervez Musharraf - Hijra General

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12 Nov, 2007

It is quite evident that the timing of Musharraf's decision to impose emergency rule in Pak is linked to the impending judgment by the supreme court regarding the propriety of his re election as president for another term, but that is only part of the story, what emerges beyond doubt is that Musharraf's move enjoys the support of the top brass of the pak army, significantly he signed the proclamation on emergency rule in his capacity as the chief of army staff rather than as the president.

Musharraf spoke to british prime minister Gordon Brown on thursday, hardly 48 hours prior to the proclamation of emergency rule, britain was a prime mover of the Musharraf n BB rapprochement.

Admiral William J Fallon, commander of the US central command, was on a visit to Pak, and he actually happened to be in the GHQ in rawalpindi when Musharraf was giving the last touches to his proclamation on emergency rule, the political symbolism is self evident, clearly it stands to reason that Musharraf took care to consult washington and britain before announcing his move, (BB) Benazir Bhutto's abrupt departure for dubai against the advice by her party leaders also suggests that Musharraf took her into confidence.

Musharraf has virtually decided to continue to rely on the present ruling party of PML, which has been staunchly resisting Bhutto's political accommodation, he has chosen not to upset the apple cart, he continues to rely on the resourceful, crafty choudhury clan for holding fort in punjab, his equations with the MQM, the party of the mohajirs, remain intact, it is highly possible that some elements of the islamic parties such as the UPI led by maulana fazlur rahman would be co-opted in the coming weeks.

Musharraf will count on the ISI to manipulate a coalition of political forces that would steer its way successfully past the next parliamentary elections, the regime has also assessed that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif's return to Pak can be endlessly stalled in the new circumstances with a pliant judiciary, he has estimated that the prospects of an eruption of popular agitation under the leadership of the democratic opposition are almost nil in immediate terms, this is despite the fact that the reasons advanced by Musharraf for imposing emergency rule lack credibility in the public perceptions in Pak......

All this means that Musharraf is planning for the long haul !!!!!!