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Drama Serial Meri Zaat Zarra E Benishan on Geo Tv Episode 19/b

Actors: Humayun Saeed Samina Peerzada Imran Abbas Adnan Siddiqi Khayyam Sarhadi Faisal Qureshi Sarwat Gillani Samiya Mumtaz
Director: Babar Javaid
Producers: Abdullah Kadwani Humayun Saeed
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Writer: Umera Ahmed
TV Channel:Geo TV
Show Name:Meri Zaat Zarra E Benishan
Added: 1 May 2010
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Posted by noor75 (4 yrs ago)
" @ayesha akbar u didint get the whole point of saba's character , uske sath itna bura hua k uska dil is dunya se hat gya or uske liye dunyavi zindagee ki koi haisiat nahi reh gayee, jin logon ko parwa hoti hai dunya ki wo ye sab chezaon ki fik kartey hian , usko dunya se ab koi lagao nahi reh gya tha thats why she chose to live a simple life just for her daughter, u can say allah lok type, and these type of people really do exist, my nani was somewhat like that character played by saba. "
Posted by shattered (4 yrs ago)
" tired of waiting...this drama lost its charm...its such a drag... "
Posted by arif81 (4 yrs ago)
" where is 20 episode i have been waiting lastg 2 week,i like so much this drama "
Posted by saamz (4 yrs ago)
Posted by anasjan (4 yrs ago)
" saba ki jo chothi sister hay na...wo mujhy bht pasnd hay kui uska adress dy skta hay "
Posted by anasjan (4 yrs ago)
" i thnk ye darama kafi hit hu gaya hay is waja say ye 20 episod nahi dikha rahy bocz or machlwa rahy hay logu ku.........Fasial qureshi or Saba ku niakl diya jaye to ye darma byjan hay "
Posted by ayeshaakbar (4 yrs ago)
" I didn’t start watching this drama since its first episode , but whenever I used to see my family watching this Drama, it was hard to understand why they all watch this Drama when they already have much tensions to worried about? In the repeat telecast of Geo, I watched the Drama and cried a lot in my heart but not with tears!!! And started picturing that, if I would have been with Saba as her family, I would have supported her even in her worse circumstances.
But still I have few questions in my mind.

1)Do people really have the patience (Saba) to gone through all the circumstances, when they snatch lives of people even on meager things?

2)When Saba was an educated lady and decides to live apart from the family, then why didn’t she started doing some good job instead off, doing domestic household chores of other people?

3)Drama shows the big reality that Saba’s paternal aunt (Taeee jaan) gone through bad circumstances, at the cost of her bad deeds but what about Saba? Does all the regrets of the family payback Saba her life which has already been ruined for the things she didn’t commit. And does the forgiveness of Saba paid back her “Diniya” when it is also important with “Akhrit”.
There is a Punjabi Saying

“Dushman Maar kaey Mooya Taey Ki Moya ” If enemy dies after killing you then what good the death of enemy is?

4)Hamyon Saeed and Abdullah Kadwani really did a great job for addressing these issues and make people realize that don’t judge people on their appearance instead off , judging their inner self.

Abida Parveen sung in her QALAM “AIK NUKTAY WHICH GAL MUK DI AEY”

“Evaeein Tasbhee Pheer Naa Baboo Ais Tasbhee da ki pernha

Jeera Apnaey Naal Hisaab Nahee Kerda Audhaey Naal Hisab ki Kerna”

Saba looks like a modern girl but spiritually she was so deep that didn’t take oath of Holy Book (Quran) for the sake of ALLAH’s fear and recognizing the worth of “Quran”, A great message has been given to people don’t make decisions involving our Holy Book, because people really have forgotten that they also have to die one day.

Waey Bhuliya Asaan Marna Nahee Goor Paya koey hoor!!!!!!!!

May ALLAH TALLAH bless Saima Mumtaz, Humayyon Sayeed and Abdullah kadwani for contributing in saving million levies of innocent people.

Saima Mumtaaz should have given pride of performance on this Drama, most of the credit goes to her for interpreting the character of the people who left Duniya and live for ALLAH and “Akhrat” "
Posted by bilalsarwar (4 yrs ago)
Posted by nazia00 (4 yrs ago)
" sham_s aap yea drama next month daikay jab poora khatum hujai kyun k wait karnay k bad jo halat aap ke hai wo he mari be hai.Its not good for our health. "
Posted by nazia00 (4 yrs ago)
" main to yea drama daikna he choordonge wasy be mujhay sirf Saba pasand the ab to aus ke story kathum hugai.ab dramay ko lamba karnay k lai sub ke purani yadain dekharahai hain ya Saara ko doondnay k monzar.jab be Saara miljaige drama katum. "
Posted by sham_s (4 yrs ago)
" so wait.... the drama didnt air on tv either???? i have been waiting for like 2 weeks for this episode n its still not here. wat the hell is going on now?? they repeated the episodes last week and then sumthing else happened the week b4 n now there is no episode. wats going on??? can any1 answer my questions plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... im very impatient to knw whats going on!!! plzzz let me knw!!! "
Posted by nidakanwal (4 yrs ago)
" I heard that they repeated the whole drama.
But I am not sure. Bol meri machlee isn't here either. "
Posted by pearltear (4 yrs ago)
" y da new episode not uploaded ......whole week waited for dis drama ......... "
Posted by saamz (4 yrs ago)
" kaha mur gaya haI yah drama DIL KUR RAHA HAI LAP TOP TOAR DOH "
Posted by farhannawaz (4 yrs ago)
" Is 20th episode on-air today any body from pakistan have to comment on it.. "
Posted by sham_s (4 yrs ago)
" where is the next episode??? i want episode 20. when is it going to be uploaded??? "
Posted by nasir1234 (4 yrs ago)
" please upload the 20 show, just spoke to cuz in pak, they did not see NO LIGHT. "
Posted by marian1905 (4 yrs ago)
" have an one seen 20th epi og des drama "
Posted by Desi_Kuri (4 yrs ago)
" you know if its not gonna air on saturday like everyone is expecting sky could atleast post a comment or some kind of notification letting us know, so we dont have to keep checking back every other day? > "
Posted by samia2370 (4 yrs ago)
" yes she has same expression like dil e nadaan.very true mierva "
Posted by muneeb_sohail (4 yrs ago)
" i think was not aired coz Pak vs NZ match... "
Posted by flu (4 yrs ago)
" i guess was not aired this weekend... "
Posted by anni (4 yrs ago)
" whr is 20000000 eps plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wana c :( cany w8 4 it "
Posted by fzuhair (4 yrs ago)
" where is epsd 2222222222220000000000000000 pppppllllzzzz "
Posted by samia2370 (4 yrs ago)
" pata nahi kya ho jata hay ,last episode 2 weeks kay bad or abb 20 episode kay liyay pata nahi kitna intizar karna p[aray ga. "
Posted by flu (4 yrs ago)
" epi 20 ???????????????? "
Posted by aq (4 yrs ago)
" where is episode 20??? "
Posted by umamah (4 yrs ago)
" @raab end would be like that....k haider sara ko talash karta hoa us tak pohanch jaey ga...n they will start living happily ever after. "
Posted by umair05 (4 yrs ago)
" I like this darama.and meri zaat zarra e benishan song is owsam. I lv...... this song.i don't thik so next episod is the last episode.i wish this darama's episodes more then 25. "
Posted by fzuhair (4 yrs ago)
" ya i agree... "
Posted by shaistaq (4 yrs ago)
" now they are dragging this drama "
Posted by mierva (4 yrs ago)
" its a very average drama.. and the character of saba needed a skilled actress in this role ,samia has the same expression in every scene, there isnt depth..she had the same expression in another drama dil-e-nadan "
Posted by darenatto (4 yrs ago)
" they shud end the drama now as not much is left.arfeen mom made a mistake n now everybody is aware of it,they apologised, saba didnot forgive and we got the message this should be the end.Why is sara running around like foolish ppl when she have a husband now.What happened in the past is past.Live in present.Dont continue with family dushmaniiis.Its pure sillyness.Another thing is saba used to work for Arfeen's factory for such a long time and just because she covered her face didnt he ever recognized her when he claims he loved her whole heartedly?????????? "
Posted by pakgrl (4 yrs ago)
" I don't think next is the last episode or is it? "
Posted by samia2370 (4 yrs ago)
" lajawab, "
Posted by jshahid (4 yrs ago)
" apa ki zindagi barbaad ho gai lekin harkatein nai choree abhi tak! "log keh rahay hain" "
Posted by anmol_muskan (4 yrs ago)
" raab sarah ka flash back dikhaya gaya tha jab woh apni khala aur arfeen ki behan ko batain kartay sun laiti hai aur ghar chor daiti hai "
Posted by raab (4 yrs ago)
" i dont understand how does sarah know about dat incident bkz ye arfeen ny haider ko bataya tha k sarah ki maa k saath us ny kia kiya...well anybody knows about the end? "
Posted by ASNA (4 yrs ago)
" dramay ko drama kur diya hay novel say diffrent "
Posted by (4 yrs ago)
" thank you so much!!! and now atleast i know this is not the episode.
i was shocked to watch the forward episodes and i thought that was it. good! but please dont let this happen again next time. "
Posted by noorulhuda532 (4 yrs ago)
" this can NOT be the last episode "
Posted by sharara (4 yrs ago)
" @saamz,...noman4u is NOT irritating at all. He also uploads many good shows. noman4u is GREAT :) "
Posted by saamz (4 yrs ago)
" GOOD "
Posted by flu (4 yrs ago)
" thnx bluesky "
Posted by GhazalaAllana (4 yrs ago)
" samia mumtaz deserves a national award for such powerful portrayel of her role in this serial. "
Posted by saamz (4 yrs ago)
Posted by Laila112 (4 yrs ago)
" Thanks BlueSky Allah aap ko khush rakhe ameen "


Woodbridge NJ, United States (US)