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Drama Serial Vasl on Hum Tv - Episode 10

Actors: Ahsan Khan Aisha Khan Adnan Siddiqi Juggan Kazim Imran Abbas Eshita Mehboob Faisal Rehman
Composers: Farrukh Abid Shoaib Farrukh
Director: Mehreen Jabbar
Producer: Momina Duraid
Singer: Zila Khan
Writer: Sameera Fazal
TV Channel:Hum TV
Show Name:Vasl
Added:24 Apr 2010
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Posted by casper007 (4 yrs ago)
" true shaistaq her baat khul ker wazahat kerna zururi hogaya hai "
Posted by shaistaq (4 yrs ago)
" pakistani bohut modern ho gai hain "
Posted by mint_altima (4 yrs ago)
" i think shadi is a laddoo jo khayay to mushkil, na khayay to mushkil. yeh bohat kam logon ko hazam hota hay. only if both parties are compromising and understanding and have sense. If any one of them is senseless then it doesn't work. "
Posted by mhumna (4 yrs ago)
" @ daysp: my deepest regards are with you, i am so sorry to read that! I wish you all the best and luck.

i HATE salman...matalibi ouloo ka kaan!! "
Posted by pakgrl (4 yrs ago)
" well(fairy & daysp) we can agree to disagree I think it depend on person & there qismat I know 4 women who were divorce & remarried out of them 2 are living a very happy life & 2 are not happy at all sooo I guess it depends just like looking at a 1/2 glass of water some might think is 1/2 full some might think is 1/2 empty...... "
Posted by daysp (4 yrs ago)
" u just saw it happened with me. "
Posted by fairy77 (4 yrs ago)
" i dont think so, i have seen many divorced ppl who married again and made sensible choice lived with few demands and ddnt go for the stars .. nobody wants to be the talk of the town again and again they compromise better than the first timers..daysp "
Posted by daysp (4 yrs ago)
" @fairy 77..divorced log unmarried logoun se behter nahin hote balkey aik normal insan se bhee worest hoty hain.jis takieef se guzar chukey hotey hain .woh sub dukh aur takleef dosray partner ko datey hain.they are much more takleef dainy waley hoty hain "
Posted by fairy77 (4 yrs ago)
" @absolute me.. divorced loog unmarried logoun sey behter saithy hotey hien,they might have some baggage magar woh becharey aksar pehley hi takleef se guzar chukey hotey hien aur mazeed dukh bardast nahien karna chatey.they are much more compromising. "
Posted by springfan (4 yrs ago)
" Good episode. Salman wants to protect his unborn child, and Hina wants to se her children. They are both right in their own way. "
Posted by sheraz83s (4 yrs ago)
" i think she should concentrate on this baby first and their new marriage life ..after that she should think about her children from previous husband.. "
Posted by saamz (4 yrs ago)
" shukar hai drama is moving on& on .ACAHA hua k shadi mahay episode waste nai hui... GOOD . "
Posted by sweetmama#1 (4 yrs ago)
" very well said absolut_me. "
Posted by absolut_me (4 yrs ago)
" aisi shadian kamyab nai ho sakten jin ki base he 'kuch selfish conditions' pe ho.

Aur es liye kaha jata k divorced logon se shadi soch samjhe k karni chahyeh bcz apki intentions beshaq achi Q na hon kahin na kahin complicated stuff se deal krna he parta r phir jitna bhi acha ho jao ap kuch chezein justify nai kr sakte "
Posted by absolut_me (4 yrs ago)
" Hina will end up with hashim somehow.. "
Posted by absolut_me (4 yrs ago)
" salman/hina cant live blissfully if hina doesnt stop talking abt kids/hashim all the time. "
Posted by sanafaiz (4 yrs ago)
" juggan kitni innocent lag rahi hai mayon k suit me "
Posted by noshees (4 yrs ago)
" yeah maza nahe aya just pictures se, kher ab yeh koi star plus ka drama tu hai nahe jo whole week shadi chalti rehti lol, i think salman's being selfish now that he found out hina is expecting! "
Posted by j017141 (4 yrs ago)
" ake hi rona hai sab ka museebat "
Posted by KalloPari (4 yrs ago)
" They should show the full wedding scenes of Adeel and Mareena, not just only few pictures. Puri ki puri shaadi kuch he seconds mein lapait di....very boring :( "


Woodbridge NJ, United States (US)