4 Jobs That Will Be Gone in 10 Years

4 Jobs That Will Be Gone in 10 Years

Pop designer, elevator operator, lamplighter, such jobs have already vanished from our society. They have all disappeared with the advents of modern times.  But this is not the limit.Here are 4 Jobs that will be gone in 10 years.

Due to the advancements in technology, change in consumer tastes and globalization, there are a few more jobs that are going to be doomed into the dustbin of history.

It is interesting how robots are taking over our jobs and we are good with it. Here are the 5 jobs that will be gone in a decade. While they might not disappear completely, yet they’ll undergo big time replacement.

Drivers-4 Jobs That Will Be Gone in 10 Years


While there will always be some sort of drivers, the wheel of automation has been dedicated a number of resources in this modern time.

Technologists are working day and night and the time is near when self-driving cars will be the trend. In a few years time, the automated cars will take over our usual cars and not just our small personal vehicles but also the large, heavy traffic vehicles.

Eighteen-wheelers, public buses, and every other such thing will be almost completely automated in the coming years.


Again, not all farming jobs will be gone, but we’ll be left with a few limited numbers within 10 years.
A major number of farmers will be replaced by technology across the globe. Although the change is in the process, but within the 10 years time, it will almost take over all farming jobs.

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Indoor farms and lab grown meats are spiking and it is expected that the new batch of farmers will be more like scientists and biologists.

Postal Workers

With the postal work taken over by private courier companies like TCS, OCS and Leopards Courier etc, and the rest of the burden been loaded to online mail service providers, the need for postal workers is dwindling.

The new mailing facilities are more convenient and take less time. Moreover, the system is more trustworthy, capable and quick.

The number of postal workers and postal responses is decreasing day by day due to these obvious reasons.

Printers and Publishers-4 Jobs That Will Be Gone in 10 Years


The jobs of printers and publishers are endangered at least in the traditional desktop manner.

The printing and publishing industry has been revolutionized with the new advancements in technology. Everything is now been gradually shifting to the digital forum. E-books are the trend now. Majority of the people has switched to online medium instead of reading newspapers.

Books, periodicals and newspapers will be published but the old trends are diminishing. People who have been trained through old ways either need to learn new technology or find another job.

Moreover, such businesses need to pay attention to the increasing number of digital readers to keep their profits and existence on track.

These were the 4 jobs that are on the verge of being history. The modern era has a lot to offer. Things are changing and we cannot do anything about it. Do you want to be more productive to have a better future? Here are 6 Tips to be more productive in your daily life.

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