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Drama Serial Meri Zaat Zarra E Benishan on Geo Tv Episode 18/b Fixed

Actors: Imran Abbas Humayun Saeed Samina Peerzada Sarwat Gillani Samiya Mumtaz Adnan Siddiqi Khayyam Sarhadi Faisal Qureshi
Director: Babar Javaid
Producers: Abdullah Kadwani Humayun Saeed
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Writer: Umera Ahmed
TV Channel:Geo TV
Show Name:Meri Zaat Zarra E Benishan
Added:17 Apr 2010
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Posted by (3 yrs ago)
" both bara sabak milta ha is drame se wakehe is drama ko award milna chae zaroor mlna chae "
Posted by fzuhair (4 yrs ago)
" bhai episode 19 kahan chali gayi .... i never wanted to start watching this drama untill it is finnished .. "
Posted by zuhaibmuneeb (4 yrs ago)
" up coming episode will be the last episode so dont miss it . "
Posted by mahvash123 (4 yrs ago)
" ManiButt beta yahan log tumaray comments parh parh kay roain gay keh tum nay un kay laadlay dramay ko burra keh dia...there is a REAL crap drama called Masi aur Malka, which people are really sensitive about. I left some funny comments and people started sending me hate messages! "
Posted by hoori (4 yrs ago)
" were is epo 19????? "
Posted by shafqat (4 yrs ago)
" es drama ko agar awards na milai tou bohot zeyadti hogi "
Posted by (4 yrs ago)
" manibutt this not just a drama. this is what happens in reality. its a really big moral for us. to make us realize what really happens with people and it wants us to imagine poor wife's have to tolerate. how would you feel if this happens to you so that's why it's kid of a moral for all of us and people who blame other people they should know what does the other person thinks. "
Posted by ManiButt (4 yrs ago)
" itna pershan hony ki zaroorat tu nhi buz this is just drama not reality.. log is ko dekh kr ro ro kr keh rahy hain ky os ky sath zulam howa asia howa wasia howa . drama ko drama samjh kr dekhna chahyeh na ky reality samjh kr "
Posted by aswad123 (4 yrs ago)
" its really a strong story,,,and character of saba is wel played. and believe me it is so true about quran. i seen it myself ....the terrible ending of a woman who taken oath on quran false "
Posted by blackpearls (4 yrs ago)
" Mualaim, u r right, saba k saath sab se bara zulm to us ki us k parents aur sis ne kiya, apni beti par trust nahi kiya, kya woh saba ko janty nahi thy k us ka character kesa hai, agar doosry log aisy circumstances mein bura kahen to uderstandable hai lakin agar parents apny bachon par trust na karen to its a shame, apny bachon ki life kharab karny mein parents ka haath sab se zayda hai.. "
Posted by shanza61n (4 yrs ago)
" this drama is Fabulous. "
Posted by brownkhan (4 yrs ago)
" test2 "
Posted by huckleberry (4 yrs ago)
" due to awards... "
Posted by brownkhan (4 yrs ago)
" test "
Posted by huckleberry (4 yrs ago)
" it didn't air this week. "
Posted by samia2370 (4 yrs ago)
" where is 19 episode..........? "
Posted by wife96 (4 yrs ago)
" can u please upload episode 19 ?? "
Posted by gurya (4 yrs ago)
Posted by sofiaambreen (4 yrs ago)
" is drame men ik or bhi ye bara sabaq hay ke khandan ki apni taai chachyaan mamyaan ye sab jo apne hi khandan ki bachyon per ilzaamlagati hain onhain bhi allah se derna chahye. or ye her khandan men hota hay apni bachyon ke eb dhankne ke bajaye achi bachyon pe ilzam lagae jaate hain. "
Posted by maulaim77 (4 yrs ago)
" saba ki choti bahen abhi to bara arfeen ki bahen ko sunarahi hai khod sa kam thi uswaqt bari bahen per bharosa hi nahen kiya bus apni shadi ki fiker main rahty thi k aapi ki wajah say ussay kaun shadi karay ga ga ga bari cheiz hai digusting "
Posted by shaistaq (4 yrs ago)
" writer of this drama has conveyed a strong message that worshipping Allah is not enough unless you love your Creator.People pray a lot but for worldly reasons but our Prophets used to worship because they had loved Allah. "
Posted by sumii (4 yrs ago)
" shame on u! atleast a muslim should know that they r our holy persons n there is no question of joking abt any of them,GOT IT! "
Posted by zarnab (4 yrs ago)
" once a man was telling the story of Hazrat Yousuf and Zulekha to a group of people, at the end of the story one man asked, was this zulekha man or woman?

Shar 1213 seems to like that man, ahahahhahahahahah

dont mind dear just jocking. "
Posted by blackpearls (4 yrs ago)
" Saba jitni aajiz lagti thi Sara utna he attitude show karti hai.. "
Posted by blackpearls (4 yrs ago)
" Is drama ki sab se achi baat yah hai k is mein reality ko point out kiya gaya hai, Saba ne Arfeen se shadi nahi ki, mostly dramas mein end yahi hota hai k larki sab ko muaaf kar deti hai aur larky se shadi kar k khush rahny lagti thi but jo kuch Saba k saath huwa i think us ne bohat samajhdari se kaam liya.
Really appreciate Saba's good work.. "
Posted by anmol_muskan (4 yrs ago)
" sana agar dramay ki 15 20 say episodes ho jayeen to ap hi log phir kahain gay k kitna lamba kar dia fazool pahlay hi khatam kar daitay ab agar jaldi say episode khatam kar dain to kia bura hai "
Posted by Sana.Shaikh (4 yrs ago)
" its goingg too fastt. i don't want it to endd!! "
Posted by rkfaraz (4 yrs ago)
" This is really important that we must learn that lesson and spread, now this is our responsibility,that " relation to Allah and His creation" "
Posted by ashriz (4 yrs ago)
" everytime i watch this drama it jus makes me cry ,, acting by saba in the whole drama is jus so amazing, shes perfect for the role....there r too mny lessons to be learnt frm this drama n if we dont at least learn sumthing frm it then its jus waste of time wtching it.......... "
Posted by SANA420 (4 yrs ago)
" @ noshees, yr ap drama si se dekha kro... :p.... hahaha "
Posted by SANA420 (4 yrs ago)
" nice drama.... by nice jori of Humayun Saeed and Abdullah Qadwani.....
like Doraha "
Posted by SANA420 (4 yrs ago)
" @ noshees..... agr aap ne character Saba ki puri baat suni hoto aap ko ye btata chaln k Saba ne is jumle mein apni X-saas (Arfeen's mother) to tanz mara hai... wo b boht ibadat krti thi .. magr dhoka unhn ne dya.... is pe Saba ka kehna hai k wo srf ibadat ni krti blke mohabbat b krti hai... "
Posted by saamz (4 yrs ago)
" its amazinggggggg "
Posted by noshees (4 yrs ago)
" haha sheraz83s, 2 more episodes atleast!! "
Posted by sheraz83s (4 yrs ago)
" one more or two more episode....
deep thought noshee... "
Posted by noshees (4 yrs ago)
" yeah duhhhhh!!! "
Posted by muskan_naqvi (4 yrs ago)
" because that girl (saba's siter was too young to be Sara's Khala! thats why she changes to to she her grown up lady! "
Posted by KalloPari (4 yrs ago)
" in present part Nausheen Shah is doing Saba's sister role and in past part another girl was doing it. I do not know why they changed her. "
Posted by noshees (4 yrs ago)
" yes sarwat gillani is saba's daughter in this drma, she was sitting in the car with her khala b4 she disappeared! now the story is back in present "
Posted by nasir1234 (4 yrs ago)
" yes "noshee" to think about it is very deep. ! "
Posted by nasir1234 (4 yrs ago)
" Thank you admin, vid is now fixed. "
Posted by shar1214 (4 yrs ago)
" is sarwat gillani saba's daughter in here? im confused how she just left..and who was the girl she was sitting in the car with? "
Posted by noshees (4 yrs ago)
" main Allah se mohabbat kerti hu sirf ibadat nahe! that is deep "
Posted by BlueSky (4 yrs ago)
" video updated. . "
Posted by ayub (4 yrs ago)
" no working plx fixed it agian video and audio is totaly different direction "
Posted by hajjaj (4 yrs ago)
" Ye play nahi ho raha. "
Posted by nasir1234 (4 yrs ago)
" AOA: I just signedup so i can leave a comment, Can you please fix this video.
This is an amazing drama. "
Posted by Farooqi (4 yrs ago)
" Please Fix Video "
Posted by NusratM (4 yrs ago)
" Please fix it "
Posted by NusratM (4 yrs ago)
" Please fix the video "
Posted by itpervez (4 yrs ago)
" PLEASE fix the video "
Posted by Laila112 (4 yrs ago)
" plz phir sahi se download kare yeh sahi download nahien howa "
Posted by shaneahmed (4 yrs ago)
" Bekar video "
Posted by wajhee (4 yrs ago)
" plz fixed it! "


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