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Drama Serial Vasl on Hum Tv - Episode 2

Actors: Aisha Khan Ahsan Khan Adnan Siddiqi Juggan Kazim Imran Abbas Eshita Mehboob Faisal Rehman
Composers: Farrukh Abid Shoaib Farrukh
Director: Mehreen Jabbar
Producer: Momina Duraid
Singer: Zila Khan
Writer: Sameera Fazal
TV Channel:Hum TV
Show Name:Vasl
Added:27 Feb 2010
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Posted by ahmedhoussin (10 months ago)
" this happened to my mom´s Cousin also. Even she spent Long time in Germany to get her children but no Chance. She went back to Pakistan hopeless and lives with her parents :( "
Posted by casper007 (4 yrs ago)
" the same thing happen with that girl and he kept his twin kids and send her back to her parents "
Posted by casper007 (4 yrs ago)
" thats true i have seen this same situation in reality and i know that girl she is still in pakistan aur wo bechari ajeeb si zehni halatka shikar ho gai thi "
Posted by j017141 (4 yrs ago)
" ugly kids "
Posted by j017141 (4 yrs ago)
" adnan sidiqi ka tu damag ishq ne kharab ker diya hai,, ishq ka bhoot utray ga tu theek ho jayega "
Posted by j017141 (4 yrs ago)
" hina jaisi aurtain badtmeiz hoti hain, husband daikh ker ma baap bhe bool jati hain, in ke sath aisa hi hota hai ghateea aurat "
Posted by sadafsami (4 yrs ago)
" aneeeeeeeeee "
Posted by minu01 (4 yrs ago)
" Very nice drama. Aisha khan was so busy in her family that she didn't make her own friends. Her husband's friends were her friends. Also myself, I didn't have any friends until I started school. I think she had a family and she kept herself around them thats why she didn't make any friends. How her family is reacting is very sad but very true. My husband teaches me everything about immigration and I also have interest to know as Mona said girls should know about their immigration status and how they can manage it if anything happens. "
Posted by mona (4 yrs ago)
" I was shoked to watch this drama, yes its true ! it can happen...girls who born and brought up here(US/UK) are very independent compare to girls who came here after marriage and mostly relay on their husbands...although this relation is based on trust BUT girls should keep in mind, try to continue their study and keep an eye on all your legal matters(immigration) so in case if something bad happen atleast they can survive and live a respectful life instead of facing that type of behavior of your own family. "
Posted by virshah (4 yrs ago)
" uffff yeh pakistani acterz dramay main miyan biwi bntay hain to sach main khud ko aik dusray k miyan biwi samjtay hain....toba toba..... "
Posted by nadiaqasim (4 yrs ago)
" uff just cannot believe what they r showing in this drama kiya waqai aisa koi kar sakta hai asisa tauba tauba kisi key aurat key saath aisa ho woh tu mar hi jaey bachon key bager aur woh bhi itna dor aur aiey mulk mien jahan jana hi na mumkin ho especially ab.i am just in shocked to see this drama i hope real life mein aisey na hota ho. "
Posted by noshees (4 yrs ago)
" yes aqsahmad ur absolutely rite its all abt kismat. if one is going to get a happy married life no matter where they live they will be happy! "
Posted by raka1 (4 yrs ago)
" why aysha is not trying to call her kids by some other friend in usa because she have been living there many years and there should be many friends over there. its not possible that somebody is living somewhere from 8-10 years and they have only one friend or family. this looks like a small lope hole n this story. "
Posted by raka1 (4 yrs ago)
" there are lots of couples are living happy in usa and canada but keep n mind that this couple of drama was living happy too from last 8-10 years but suddenly this clash happend. and its too real because we already have real life stories like this. "
Posted by danishbhai (4 yrs ago)
" vasl means judai not milap "
Posted by durrani (4 yrs ago)
" is juggan really fat in this drama or did they stuff cushions n such into her ?? lol ...but she does look real funny =D "
Posted by aqsahmad (4 yrs ago)
" i agree with u humsfun .im also in canada n live happily with my husband ALLHUMDOLLILAH .n u know wht we met shaadi online.. bilkul out siders hain mugh sy phly koi unko nahn janta tha magr ALLAH ka shukar hai k hum buhat khush hain magr bas yee qismat ki bat hai jo likha hai ALLAH ny woh hona hi hai bas uski maslihat wohi janta hai .kabhi kabhi anjan log achy nikal jaty hain or kabhi apny relatives bhi dhoka dey jaty hain kahty hain na shaadi joa hai to such hai .am i rite? "
Posted by noshees (4 yrs ago)
" @humfan i agree with u, i m not against ppl marrying abroad but wat annoys me is that when ppl go absolutely crazy for marrying their children abroad how does that garantee that one will defenitly have a great future? their r thousands of couples who r enjoying a happy married life even in pak & atleast they can be near their families when in need! "
Posted by mjfan (4 yrs ago)
" litral meaning of Vasl is meeting, but implied meaning in contemporary urdu is "meeting with a beloved" that is, Vasl-e-yaar.

mehreen Jabbar is a legend. "
Posted by athars (4 yrs ago)
" in Urdu the meaning is "mulaqat" or milna as u say

n i agree with u humfan...their are many couples happily married living abroad..i m living in Canada n i came after my shadi 2 years back..soon um gonna to be citizen here IA

i know there are many risks involved in marriages abroad but dats not cuz of outside pakistan its just ur fate "
Posted by humfan (4 yrs ago)
" @ nosheen ,what's the harm in marrying abroad,ALLAH nai jahaan jori banayee ho gee waheen ho gee na.There a lots of couples living happy life in US and other countries.These things can happen anywhere even in pakistan . "
Posted by aya (4 yrs ago)
" good start "
Posted by scorpio87 (4 yrs ago)
" drama acha hain nice... waiting next episode "
Posted by titleblue (4 yrs ago)
" good drama "
Posted by prezay (4 yrs ago)
" please hum moring upload ker day kia kerain!!! "
Posted by pakgrl (4 yrs ago)
" thanks 'absolut_me' do U know another meaning of Vasl in Urdu would it be (milna) "
Posted by absolut_me (4 yrs ago)
" @ pakgrl

Vasl = Meeting / Union "
Posted by pakgrl (4 yrs ago)
" Hey can anyone tell me what 'Vasl' means? "
Posted by absolut_me (4 yrs ago)
" cnt wait 4 nxt epi "
Posted by saskprairie (4 yrs ago)
" this drama is so absorbing its hard to wait for the next episode... "
Posted by noshees (4 yrs ago)
" aisha's doing a great job a different role, first meri zaat...& now vasl,why does adnan act like a coward in every drama? hashim ullo ka patha!this is a great lesson for those ppl who love the idea of marrying their daughters abroad! "


Woodbridge NJ, United States (US)