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Drama Serial Meri Zaat Zarra E Benishan on Geo Tv Episode 11

Actors: Samina Peerzada Imran Abbas Adnan Siddiqi Faisal Qureshi Khayyam Sarhadi Sarwat Gillani Samiya Mumtaz Humayun Saeed
Director: Babar Javaid
Producers: Humayun Saeed Abdullah Kadwani
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Writer: Umera Ahmed
TV Channel:Geo TV
Show Name:Meri Zaat Zarra E Benishan
Added:20 Feb 2010
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Posted by mehrunisa (4 yrs ago)
" bhai jan bhi apne aap ko pata nai kia samjhta hei choto se toh pyar he nai ...apna gussa aise dikhata hei ke ye sab pe rule karta ho "
Posted by (4 yrs ago)
" tayee amma Allah dekh raha ha.very good drame ki jitni dad do kam ha "
Posted by ATTA_KHAN (4 yrs ago)
" xcellent acting & direction.i think this the revival of pak drama.but i dont find any new episodes,whr r they? "
Posted by bano889 (4 yrs ago)
" Alright, its been 3 weeks and no new episodes? I think there must be some Geo issue with the drama cast, no wonder they are holding it, till they find solution. "
Posted by Aroosh (4 yrs ago)
" "Bus a GAYA...talaq day de hai" soooo natural and well said dialogue by FAISAL...only he can put so much emotion into such a phrase and act out his absolutely amazing role as if this was really happening to him...God forbid this ever happens to anyone..

anyways anxiously waiting for the next episode..Thank you BlueSky "
Posted by annie2065 (4 yrs ago)
" Superb acting by Samia! Fits saba's role perfectly. Agar yeh log sab bajaye quraan per haath rakh kar qasmein khanay kay bajaye Quran khol kar parh letay aur samajh letay tau itnay barray aur jhootay halaf koi na uthaaye. I think Umaira Ahmed again succeeds in making the crucial point keh Quran parh kar samajh kar phir amal karnay kay liyay utara gaya hae, makhmal mein lapait kar qasmein khanay kay liyay nahin. Look at all the consequences.

Again... excellent drama and Kudos to Umaira Ahmed for writing, Humayun Saeed and Abdullah Kadwani for producing yet another masterpiece :) "
Posted by squidward (4 yrs ago)
" hey its just a drama ppl, these things are rarely just chill "
Posted by ashykh (4 yrs ago)
" there are still many un answered questions!
and if i were Saba, i wouldn't touch the Quran after Taaye Ama lied because the purpose would be taken away, that if som1 can lie and touch it, what difference would it make if she touched and told the truth!
im just waiting to see what her outcome will be and how theyll find out that she lied.
Geo not showing new episodes lately is pissing me off! 2 weeks behind. "
Posted by ashykh (4 yrs ago)
" @ mishal09 i agree! why are they acting so responsible now, when her sister was soo rude and mean to her before! just time and new episodes can tell! "
Posted by perniyan (4 yrs ago)
" wats wrong with geo,they did the same thing with drama bol mere machli,this is a lesson for me ,not evr gonna watch a drama which is on air till it finishes and i can watch it on websites afterwards,,,,arghhh m so mad at geo "
Posted by roooj (4 yrs ago)
" ohhhhhh noooooooooo nw again we hav 2 for one week. seriously man dats not fair. "
Posted by nidakanwal (4 yrs ago)
" Geo's dramas are not aired.... So we have to wait again for one week. "
Posted by newstranger (4 yrs ago)
" plz upload new episode of meri zaat zara e bainishan and baarish kay aansoo "
Posted by nazia00 (4 yrs ago)
" I am so sad Its not onaire again. "
Posted by shehraz123 (4 yrs ago)
" yaar i dont know how to watch drama on this site,,,how u open ????its not working here,,,plz tell me "
Posted by preet (4 yrs ago)
" why the hell is this video not working here???? "
Posted by nawal (4 yrs ago)
" Just Amazing. I luv it it made my cry if it was made in to a movie it would be a blockbuster. "
Posted by tutudadda (4 yrs ago)
" i liked saba acting . she looked very nice . "
Posted by bi (4 yrs ago)
saba nay quran pay oath is liyyay nahee likay us nay ALLAH kay kalam ka ehtiram kiya agar wo oath lay bhe late to taee amma kokisee nay jhoota nahee kehna liyay wo khamoosh rahee theee....
well i like this drama this episode makesme cryyyy

umera ahmed rock "
Posted by jun (4 yrs ago)
" yaaroo plssss Episode2 reuoload karoo is ke audio aur video mie problim hai plsss plsss "
Posted by sfh4life (4 yrs ago)
" how come i m not able to play this video "
Posted by mishal09 (4 yrs ago)
" saba ki behan aur chachi bhi us waqat saba per believe nahi kar rahin thi,tu ab woh saba ki beti per kaisy haq jata rehi hain. "
Posted by roooj (4 yrs ago)
" hi sumii... u askd a very nice question but as u seen in the drama, dat tayee amma iz very religious so everyonez gna trust on her. and she swear as well. but IF I WERE SABA SO I would bcz if dey dnt trust but ALLAH knwz everythng.and hez watchng...... "
Posted by ummaa84 (4 yrs ago)
" hey guys,
Only unique script can lead to such a tremendous show!!!!!! Awesomely depicted by coalition of all the artists. Yes, cousin you got me convinced that pakistani drama revives as for last couple of years we hv'been arguing on this. Though a couple of amendments have been made as against novel to make audions get emotonal. anyhow a nice KICK!!! "
Posted by noshees (4 yrs ago)
" lol@ squidward thanx we all needed a laugh after this episode "
Posted by humfan (4 yrs ago)
" summi ALLAH NA KARAY if i were in saba's situation i would pull all of tayee amma 's hairs. "
Posted by humfan (4 yrs ago)
" great idea sqiudward. "
Posted by sumii (4 yrs ago)
" squidward that would b g48:) "
Posted by sumii (4 yrs ago)
I would,wat abt u gals???? " "
Posted by huckleberry (4 yrs ago)
" Haha @Squidward.

I like that approach. "
Posted by samreena (4 yrs ago)
" Hi every one I love this darama "
Posted by squidward (4 yrs ago)
" if i was saba i would had locked tai amma with the chacha ji in the room and ask everyone to come and see what they are doing in there.hehehe and then go marry adil its better than marrying that nasal twang guy "
Posted by huckleberry (4 yrs ago)
" What should Saba do now? What do you people think? "
Posted by sharara (4 yrs ago)
" roooj.. yourr explanation is most convincing so far. "
Posted by msm_80 (4 yrs ago)
" Very good drama! Intresting story...very captivating. And most of all good direction...this makes all the difference. "
Posted by roooj (4 yrs ago)
" well as everyone knwz dat tayee amman iz very religious, 5 tims she pray and also tahajjud, and people comez 2 her 4 dua. and all family knw so obviously no ones gna trust on saba, and thats y she coudlnt swear, after taye amma. bcz she was in shoked that hw can tayee amma do dis. "
Posted by nadiaqasim (4 yrs ago)
" Uff allah is episode ney tu itna rulaya hai key koi inthiha hi nahin bechari aurat ko har koi bas pata nahin alfaz hi nahin hain describe karney key erey pas uf tauba bohat zalim hotey hain log. "
Posted by noshees (4 yrs ago)
" ur rite nidakanwal finally someone who truly understands saba's position, she had been thru huge shocks of her life, her parents sister didnt belive her, then arfeen, even if saba took oath first & taye afterwards still no one would belive saba, bottom line she was speechless due to these shocks "
Posted by sharara (4 yrs ago)
" I also do not understand that why Adnan Siddiqui just disappeared and did not clarified anything.....another blunder of the story. "
Posted by noshees (4 yrs ago)
" i think its easier said then done that in that particular situation i would swear on Quran, even if saba had taken oath first & taye did afterwards still her taye's oath would've been considered as true oath not saba's. we can't imagine wat saba must've gone thru at that moment first her sole trust on arfeen had broken plus her own mother & sister didnt belive her on top of that she was shocked to see taye swearing on Quran! just then she realized that now noone's going to belive her anyway since taye had already taken oath on Quran so it wont matter whether she swears or not! bottom line she was in HUGE shock to see taye disrespect Quran! "
Posted by sharara (4 yrs ago)
" I also do not understand that why Adnan Siddiqui just disappeared and did not clarify anything...another blunder of the story. "
Posted by sharara (4 yrs ago)
" I would definitely swear. I have no idea why Saba remained quite and just crying and crying. It is very unrealistic and foolish move by Saba. Howcome she did not defend herself? "
Posted by nidakanwal (4 yrs ago)
" I think If Saba swear they still won't believe her everybody will think that she is a lair and she swear wrong. So it doesn't matter for her that she swear or not. "
Posted by sumii (4 yrs ago)
I would,wat abt u gals??? "
Posted by roooj (4 yrs ago)
" Aslamualykum everyone.
i love dis drama its great. is drama main jo main cheez hai woh quran hai. jisse hamain sabaq milta hai. ke yeh koi aam cheez nai hai. jo log choti choti baton main or jhoot ko chupane ke liye quran utha lete hain. or phir akhir main unka kia injaam hota hai. seriously its not like other books. that is ALLAH'S BOOK. "
Posted by ummehamza (4 yrs ago)
" very good plz put some more episodes "
Posted by humfan (4 yrs ago)
" kaisay maan baap hain apni awlaad sai ziadha tayee amma per yaqeen ker rahay hain.aray mayain to apni awladoon kay liye janain dai daitay hain chahay woh ghalat hoon ya sahee. "
Posted by samreena (4 yrs ago)
" Kallopari very nice khubsurat lafz insan ki undar ki khubsorti ko dekhatay hain "
Posted by troypnec (4 yrs ago)
" thanx.....for uploading "
Posted by u4unas (4 yrs ago)
" really goo done,,, "
Posted by pakgrl (4 yrs ago)
" Well thats what I been trying to find out that if this is a TRUE Story & some poor woman in this world had gone through this. I believe it might be a TRUE Story cause I know there are people in this world JO Allah ka Name or Quran ki Kasm kha ke jhote boldain it is a very Sad story......... "
Posted by Aroosh (4 yrs ago)
" MAN i love this drama.. imagine if this really happened to someone... excellent acting by SAMIYA and FAISAL...really touchy drama..

thx for uploading "
Posted by noshees (4 yrs ago)
" yay i just read the novel, its amazing, so far they have done justice with the novel lets see wat happens next! "
Posted by ASNA (4 yrs ago)
" every comment describe my thinking so thanks for every one
i like this drama 2 much and wait every weak is so difficult but nice "
Posted by NameUndrConstruction (4 yrs ago)
" Lurrrv dis drama!!!!
btw, qureshi is an excellent actor but he's getting waaay too common, i'm sick ov seing him every where, i think he should take a break, hint hint...
...the drama is cool, the book is even cooler...but i hope they dont make it boring by inserting a lot ov silent crying scenes... "
Posted by yooo (4 yrs ago)
" zabardast dramaa... "
Posted by ELSKER (4 yrs ago)
" drama ho u aysa..jis ka har hafte intazar rehta hai...Really Great Saba....Faisal Qureshi is Excellent "
Posted by KalloPari (4 yrs ago)
" Wow...great poetry...great song by Rahat Fateh Ali....
kabhi sooni subha main ghoomna, kabhi ujri shaamon ko dekhna
kabhi bheegi ankhon say jaagna, kabhi beetay lamhon ko sochna
bas ek pal hai umeed ka, hai mujhay khuda ka jo aasra
nahi mein nay koi gila kiya, nahi mein nay di hain duhaeeyaan
meri zaat zarra e benishan....meri zaat zarra e benishan..... "
Posted by saamz (4 yrs ago)
" Allah ahsay naseeb kisi k na kray..ameen ..i pray 2 GOD tht alwayz help helpless & good people in this world "
Posted by arslanstranger (4 yrs ago)
" its was Fanatastic drama "
Posted by arslanstranger (4 yrs ago)
" Aaslam-o-Alaikum, Everyone
Whats up? drama was Amazing and absolutely fantastic..........
Saba you are Great...........................
Really Great Saba....
Faisal Qureshi is Excellent "
Posted by menaal (4 yrs ago)
" arfeen was the only one who was in doubt that she did not do it... even her own sister n mother didnt believe her.. i think thats why "
Posted by noshees (4 yrs ago)
" Allah mera dil phat jaye ga.. yeh taaye khud gunnah ker key bekasoor logon key liye Allah se saza mang rahe hai? insaan kitna zalim hai "
Posted by absolut_me (4 yrs ago)
" Why did Saba send her dautr to Arfeen? after all this he did to her? "
Posted by ijiru (4 yrs ago)
" saba ko apnay liye zaror bolna chaheyye thaa ye sahi nahi dikhaya us k bolnay k baad bhi ye sab ho sakta thaa lekin us ki chup ne us us ki maan aur behan ki nazroon main bhi gira dia .
any ways drama dekh k anson nahi rukay :( "
Posted by absolut_me (4 yrs ago)
" such family/relatives must rot in hell "
Posted by zox1234 (4 yrs ago)
" ty???? "
Posted by sara_123 (4 yrs ago)
" thankss for sharing "


Woodbridge NJ, United States (US)