Drama Serial Judai Maar Deti Hai on Atv Episode 1

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19 Feb, 2010

The drama serial “Judai Maar Deti Hy” comes with a lesson that a family can be torn into pieces through ego, selfishness, and keep bitterness for each other. Rabia is the protagonist of this story who is trying hard to maintain a pacific atmosphere in the house. The mother in law and his daughters always try to disgrace Rabia and keep waiting to find a way through they can insult her. She is trying very hard to maintain the peace as she promised with her late husband. Will she able to keep her promise after facing all this? The serial was produced and directed by Rana Rashid Gul, while story was provided by Agha Abbas. The cast of serial includes Javed Hassan Rizvi, Rasheed Ali, Agha Abbas, Agha Ali, Aurangzeb Eishaee, Asma Abbas, Imran Urooj, Farhat Ullah, Juggan Kazim, Reema Malik, Kinza Malik, Noor Hassan, and Maliha Naipul.