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Drama Serial Meri Zaat Zarra E Benishan on Geo Tv Episode 2

Actors: Faisal Qureshi Adnan Siddiqi Khayyam Sarhadi Sarwat Gillani Samiya Mumtaz Samina Peerzada Imran Abbas Humayun Saeed
Director: Babar Javaid
Producers: Humayun Saeed Abdullah Kadwani
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Writer: Umera Ahmed
TV Channel:Geo TV
Show Name:Meri Zaat Zarra E Benishan
Added: 5 Dec 2009
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Posted by ali_khushboo (2 yrs ago)
" i just love this drama,specially because of Mr.Faisal ji. "
Posted by ALBERTDARCY20 (3 yrs ago)
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Posted by Pakkhutbah (3 yrs ago)
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Posted by arifhasan (3 yrs ago)
" nice "
Posted by cool_girl_95 (4 yrs ago)
" the video izznt going gud, whas the problem wid tha video( plzz bring a video wid high quality.........:) "
Posted by engrmohsin (4 yrs ago)

Posted by matina (4 yrs ago)
" whats wrong with this vidio "
Posted by madihaasif (4 yrs ago)
" v good darama but how can i download this video "
Posted by bajwa198280 (4 yrs ago)
" hahahah just click on play "
Posted by umar1112 (4 yrs ago)
" how to play it ? can anyone tell "
Posted by arzoo6 (4 yrs ago)
Posted by huma788 (4 yrs ago)
" plz plz upload 2n d episode its just not playing right "
Posted by April17 (4 yrs ago)
" Its Amazing Drama "
Posted by saminakhan1956 (4 yrs ago)
" where is ep 5 plz load "
Posted by Hina18 (4 yrs ago)
" Yes! Plz upload episode 4 "
Posted by faree_1981 (4 yrs ago)
" upload episode 4 please "
Posted by BlueSky (4 yrs ago)
" Reuploaded "
Posted by wasiml (4 yrs ago)
" episode 2 reupload plz "
Posted by shaheena (4 yrs ago)
" goooooooood "
Posted by shaheena (4 yrs ago)
" good "
Posted by mmumtaz107 (4 yrs ago)
" episode#2 is not working;please fix "
Posted by fairyinstars (4 yrs ago)
" i think this novel can not be dramatized better than this one...very good work babar jawed ..keep it up... "
Posted by sharmeen (4 yrs ago)
" hasnain and kalo pari I agree with you, you are both right, thanks God I'm not the only who didn't like the direction and cast.Adnan's character is there in the novel, but not so powerful as its showing in the drama.Sanam baloch is that the one who acted in the drama meri adhori mohabbat? "
Posted by sweetshez (4 yrs ago)
" Adnan siddiqui`s character was also in the novel....I just read yesterday.... "
Posted by sumii (4 yrs ago)
" They should cast Sanam baloch for saba's role dat gal is not only pretty but immensly talented.dis saba is too old n plain for this character n I agree with Kaloo pari about "Budhay Babay" heroes lyk faisal , adnan n humayun. "
Posted by hassnain (4 yrs ago)
" umera ahmed ki khubsoorat tehrer ka baber jawed ny bera gharq kar dia is deramay ko direct karny sy pehlay usy om shanti om dekh lenay chaiyea thi or producers ko un production values k baray main bta na chaiyea tha jo iss dramay k hawlay sy require thi dramay ko flesh back k bajay present situation sy shuro kr na chaiyea tha bohat sound problem hy iss dafa baber jawed ko koi bhar ki location nhi milee iss liea khobsortie nhi aya rhi hy very bad direction "
Posted by KalloPari (4 yrs ago)
" sharmeen, you are right. I have read about half of this novel. This drama is not impressive so far. Wohee ghisay pitay Faiasal Qureshi, Adnan Siddiqui & Humayun Saeed.....All of these "budhay Baabay" need some break!!!!!!!!
Samia Mumtaz's warranty has expired & Sarwat Gillani is too ugly.
Novel is much much better. "
Posted by sharmeen (4 yrs ago)
" Very dissappointing to see the girl who is playing Saba, she doesnot match with the actual girl saba from the Novel.
Unnecessary Addition of Adnan siddiqui character.Which is not in the novel.They should stick exactly with the novel story line and dialouges and the dialogues from the book doen't need any kind of more drama.French laguage is a key facter which is also missing.
You should all ,please read the novel ,then you'll agree with me .The novel is superb and out of this world. YOu will understand the depth of saba character and it will definitely amaze you all. "
Posted by reem921 (4 yrs ago)
" awessum....thank u so much... "
Posted by sumii (4 yrs ago)
" sameena peerzada k character ki hurkatain tu aggay khulain ge "
Posted by sumii (4 yrs ago)
" that heroine must b in her late 30's "
Posted by gowwas (4 yrs ago)
" she played a news reporter's roll in a drama named by "ZARAD DUPAHER"ABOUT 14 years ago and at that time she was a really young a college girl. "
Posted by umamah (4 yrs ago)
" samia mumtaz is not a new actress , she is actually stage actress and very choosy picky, always pick something new n different. I have seen her before in other plays , good actress doubt excellent choice .... "
Posted by madihameer (4 yrs ago)
" hum log waqii ab porane actors ko dekh dekh k bor hogaey hain ab naey actors ya actress ko dekh k play dekhne ka b maza ata hai or naey logo ko b plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hamare directors moqqa dein amazing awosme drama "
Posted by shaaani (4 yrs ago)
" saverasaherkhan bhai baat ya hai ka hum sb jantay hain ager Allah na karay hum pa b ya waqt ay na hum b wo karain gay jis main humara faida hai kabhi b duniya main koi insan apna nuksan nahi sochta hai us na b asa kiya lakin ik baat yaad rakhnay ki hia apna eemaan pakka rakho or yad rakho Allah ki chari be awaz hai bus hum ya sahi sa samajh lain to apni duniya ahrat sawar saktay hain "
Posted by saverasaherkhan (4 yrs ago)
" saab khuch mashray ma ho raha hai
saab ko pata hai humaray double standards hai
phir bhi hum iunn saay kyun nahi nikal pa rahay
hum khuch bhi kahay rahatay tuo wahi k wahi hai
no progress "
Posted by zarnab (4 yrs ago)
" thanx god koi nai shakkal dekhnay ko milli, waisay agar mard bhi koi doosray hoty to ziada acha hota. shukar hay naheed shabbir, aisha khan, mehwish,ya madiha iftikhar or maria wasti main koi nahin hay, on ko to zara sans laina chahyey ab. "
Posted by covergirl (4 yrs ago)
" you are soo right sabash.. and unfortunately this stuff progresses so much in our culture.. I wish people could understand the true meanings of islam and gender roles as well.. "
Posted by moti2009 (4 yrs ago)
" best drama ever made , dun't miss it "
Posted by nahida (4 yrs ago)
" EXCELLEN.all babar javad palys are toppppppppppp "
Posted by sabash (4 yrs ago)
" EXCELLENT!! .. so far so good. I hate this segmentation of our Indo-Pak society: one rule for men and another for women.

That character of Samina Peerzada with the tasbeeh in her hand, and her husband - both talking about "not educating women" and the mard / aurat difference when it comes to education... which (version of / cultural) Islam does our society live in???

Good show; and unfortunately depicting the double standards of the South Asian society. "
Posted by pink_panther18 (4 yrs ago)
" very very nice picturization all chracters are playing well specially samia is good really fit with novel,s chracter thanks for uploading "
Posted by saha01 (4 yrs ago)
" great drama...and the new girl samya is like a breath of fresh air. im so glad they didnt take sania saeed for the role as humayun said, she's a good actress but she's gotten too boring now....loving the new girl though! "
Posted by 2confused2badoc (4 yrs ago)
" excellent excellent excellent "
Posted by humairashafi (4 yrs ago)
" RFAK great voice "
Posted by sk123 (4 yrs ago)
" i love this novel. "
Posted by Laila112 (4 yrs ago)
" thanks Bluesky bless u "
Posted by pakezge (4 yrs ago)
" shukran "
Posted by haseebstillalone (4 yrs ago)
" OMG I wait it whole week...Awasome tears came each time...again "


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