Khawaja and Son - Part 1

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6 Nov, 2007

This classic comedy serial revolves around Khawaja sahib (played by Ali Ejaz) & his son (Jawad). As a father, Khawaja sahib is quick to catch on to any mistake or wrong step his son takes and is ever ready to correct him. His major correction tool - twisting the ears of his son who is a full grown adult. With his father not giving him much room to breathe and his 9 sisters continuously placing demands on him, there is not much fun out there for Jawad. Fortunately Jawad's loss is our gain as products of these interactions, the comical scenes & situations, are a treat to watch.This drama is for those who appreciate principles, family values, respect for elders and above all have an insatiable appetite for fun and humor. 'Khawaja & Son' makes for light viewing, isn't taxing on the brain and therefore can be viewed over & over again.Ali Ejaz's comical role as Khawaja sahib is a revelation. His dialogue delivery is quite exceptional, especially when he suddenly switches to speaking in English (broken & forced)...this is a source of much amusement for the viewers.Product Details:Writer: Ata ul Haq QasmiCast: Ali Ejaz, Aurangzeb, Arifa Siddiqui, Fauzia Rehman, Muhammad Zubair, Samina Khalid, Jazba Sultan, Ismat Tahira & Gayyur Akhtar