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Meera's English at its Best

Meera interviewing Tapu Javeri
Show Name:Hanso Hansao
Added: 5 Nov 2009
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Posted by Liebe-daimak (1 yr ago)
" i'm sorry i don't like idle discussing "
Posted by SARA28 (3 yrs ago)
Posted by khandrade (4 yrs ago)
" Meera is a hot mess!I don't know to cry or laugh with this video. "
Posted by raihagull (4 yrs ago)
" it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooofunny how uploaded this video i feel sorry for her "
Posted by mn6666 (4 yrs ago)
" disgusting,who made her the host?knowing abt her perfect english... "
Posted by mrskhanpk (4 yrs ago)
" so bad i feel sorry for her :( "
Posted by mrskhanpk (4 yrs ago)
" uuff how can she speak English when she cant even speak Urdu properly??? "
Posted by fshermeen (4 yrs ago)
" kapray pehanwa lo angraizon k zuban aai na aai "
Posted by zebashakeel (4 yrs ago)
" hehehe wht a funny moments "
Posted by sharara (4 yrs ago)
" Now, I want to watch the whole interview if she has completed it. She is looking cute though. "
Posted by devilliers (4 yrs ago)
" Beautiful voice....

English will improve in time... "
Posted by fafo786 (4 yrs ago)
" WOW What a Style speak English in Punjabi "
Posted by sheikh1 (4 yrs ago)
" had ho gaye yaar. abb yea kasar reh gaye thi...meera bibi attni haram ki kamahi jama kar rakhi hay app nay . uss mein say 1000 rp par month koy teacher hi rakh loo "
Posted by salaam123 (4 yrs ago)
" omg this is so sad. She really looks like shes about to cry and no matter what kind of a person she is this is so extemely sad :( But its also a little funny ;p "
Posted by sideekee (4 yrs ago)
" thanks meera you made all us laugh, now we all know you have not gone school, i give you a credit of being zero you made pile of money and successfully screwed some rich dudes, you probably know exactly use of thing you as a women got. "
Posted by fauzia99 (4 yrs ago)
" meera jab cnada main thi to wo keh rahi thi k us ko urdo hi ziyada achee lagti hay.....ab jo cheez oss ko achee nahi lagti wo kessye boley gi................ "
Posted by Johny (4 yrs ago)
" Hahahahahaahhoohhhohooooooooooooooooooheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhahhooooooooooooo................................!!! "
Posted by aasis (4 yrs ago)
" she is crazy women Allah isko akal dye bhtttttttttttt ajeeb aurat hay "
Posted by sarwatsalman (5 yrs ago)
" this is really funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy "
Posted by aayaan2007 (5 yrs ago)
" can anyone tell this photographer's name? "
Posted by aayaan2007 (5 yrs ago)
" Or kuch nahi bolna Bus yah kahna hay Allah Meera ko sirf AKAL day AMEEN
I am not Fan of Meera but just yah kahna hay yah Comments marnay kay chakkar main ikhlaq say gir jattay hain IKHLAQ that RASOOL said is Most important thing in a person. "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" meera ke choroo hum tu apni sharif aurrtoon per jhoote ilzam laga ker zinda duffan ker deete haan ,or just throw acid on them on small things bere ghaarat mund haan hum ,when they come out from their homes for education or work we teese them so much or just kidnap them and rape them ,itna tung kerte haan ke who ghuroo se bahir nikalte hoowaa derti haan ,emotinally weak hoti haan to we just trap them use them throw them ,or we make them our wives and use them for our and our family khidmet ,and when we get bored from them just kick them out from our homes empty hands ,agr beetiwaan pada kerti haan tu deekee de de ke gharoo se likaal de jatee haan ,and push them to do prostitution,some muslim girls perefer to marry non muslims and they r doing as they feel they r better in ikhlaaq than muslims ,jitni be zaleel hoo rahi haan ,haan tum tumhari he koom ke beetiwaan kerte jao "
Posted by rabiya (5 yrs ago)
" hahahahhahahahaha

arayyy wah bhaeee meera ko to "table" bilkul sahi bolna aata hai.. aur to aur "paper" bhi buhat acha bol leti hai.
seriously mai hairaaaaaaaaaaaaan reh gayi hun ye dekh ker...ufff "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" arrest meera and stone her to death but before throwing stone on her every one should do self analysis ,atleast i am not that innocent ,bud kirdar hai jothi hai zalil hai joo bhi hai , kaalai tu whoo jati hai eik pakistani muslaman aurrat ,a woman of your own nation and a follower of our dear prophet PBUH jitna zaleel ker saktee whoo ker loo just do what u can "
Posted by ujii123 (5 yrs ago)
" *Wow you guessed it right Ali... I am studying to become a doctor... Now if you think that makes me a great person then good for you… "
Posted by ujii123 (5 yrs ago)
" *And for your kind information... Pakistan is not the only country that has issues such as hungry people, poverty, low literacy rate... And forced marriages... its all over the world IF THIS VIDEO WAS ABOUT THAT WE WOULD BE COMMENTING ON THAT RIGHT NOW. GUESS WHAT?? ITS NOT … so I guess we will talk about the subject at hand... Meera¦ "
Posted by ujii123 (5 yrs ago)
" And for your kind information... Pakistan is not the only country that has issues such as hungry, poverty, low literacy rate... And forced marriages... its all over the world IF THIS VIDEO WAS ABOUT THAT WE WOULD BE COMMENTING ON THAT RIGHT NOW. GUESS WHAT?? ITS NOT … so I guess we will talk about the subject at hand... Meera… "
Posted by ujii123 (5 yrs ago)
" Wow you guess it right Ali... I am studying to become a doctor... Now if you think that makes me a great person then good for you… "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" gharieb bahoo ko taane de de ke maar deete haan and praise our rich daughter inlaws "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" if a person shows love and care to his wife he is taunned to be runburid ,but in our socity its not considered bad to have extra marital relationships "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" kisi aamir aur strong admi se door ke ristedari bare fukhur se betate haan ,beshak whoo hum se milna bhi pasand na kere and we dont care what is his charater,but hide our poor close relatives "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" if a woman husband dies ,inlaws try to push her and her kids out and do their best to snatch every thing from them,alot of murder occurs between families just to snatch property "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" hum sub paise ki khatir bik jaate haan ,in any form ,parrents just marry their daughters to rich inpite of poor good persons without looking at their iklaaq and charecter,not all but most "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" i dont know meera ,she is no one of me ,but if we dont critize srious issues of socity we should not make small things big "
Posted by aq (5 yrs ago)
" alishakhan, you have all the good points, but what it has to do with MEERA who sells her self for money. denies her marriage for her SHOW BIZ life. Not to mention what kind of movies she acts and praises bollywood etc yeah I don't think any of your "Islamic views" pertain to her.... so stop lecturing us we all know what is right but these values don't apply on your boss "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" eik murd ke ghaarut khaan soo jati haa when he ask ghehaz and lots of poor girls could not be able to get married ,and some r burned alive for not bringing jehaze "
Posted by aq (5 yrs ago)
" I think this Alisakhan is Meera's "damage control plan".......haa haaa haa. "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" and in our islamic country there r stands of male sex workers ,we r so status concious just if a person is rich a girl or boy every one wants to marry him or her without looking at his character, we just show off our money ,spend lots of money on marriges which goes on for days "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" a girl cant think to get married without being makeup from a parlor and just decorated like a animal and after wearing lots of jewelry just sit in public infront of namehrems to get appriciation and our girls just dance publicaly at marriages and on roofs at besant "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" and in our great country a five year old girl is forced to marry a eighty year old man we just see all this ,and a pragnant woman is thrown in front of dogs and we do nothing ,girls just gets carzy to marry a rich man no matter he is already married and dont even think they r distroying ahome "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" and what great leaders we select by our own hands who r our real representatives ,what moral character they have ,how educated they r ,we just bow in front of stronge powerful people and critize weak "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" hammari koom ki ghaaret khaan soo jeti he jub ,our children r abused seually in their own homes by their cousins or even by their own real fathers or by their van drivers or by their teachers or by moque molvies and these issues r just burried by saying its an islamic socity such things should not be opened and disscued ,adhi koom ke beche durg dealers ke hathoo me haan and every one is quite , "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" hamari andhi behri koom eik aurat per kecher ushalne ke liya jag kuin jati he "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" so u r the most intellectual person on earth u can speak four laungages ,than u would be a docter and also an engineer u would have every knowledge of earth u r the best man of earth ,rur a great person "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" it seems this video is recordrd without her permission ,ithink it should be done with all of us and should be showed on net ,how whould we feel on ,that "
Posted by ujii123 (5 yrs ago)
" ummm ALI speak for yourself hun .. its not like tht english is a universal lang... and her being a "BIG STAR" in pak.. it should be her resolve to learn this lang,and if she dosnt want to; then she shouldnt make a fool of herself.. i myself know 4 langS.. incudling french,spanish,english and urdu... its about how ardent you are to be aware of ur surroundings and molding urself in a the character tht you want people to see.. WHO GAVE HER A SHOW NEWAY?? "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" do we know all languages of this world and do we have every knowledge of this world if not than we all r jahil, "
Posted by alishakhan (5 yrs ago)
" its big crime to show someone video without permission if it happens to us what will we feel ,and is it gunnah islamicly to be not wellversed in english ,atleast she is putting effort to make show good "
Posted by nidausa (5 yrs ago)
Posted by nidausa (5 yrs ago)
" jahil ki bachi ...photographer bolna bhi nahi aata...naak kutwa di pakistanioon ki...bollywod main kya karti hoo ..wahan tu 80%ACTORS ENGLISH MAIN BAAT KARTAY HAI...BATHROOM KA RASTA POOCH LAITI HO GI FORAN "
Posted by anmol_muskan (5 yrs ago)
" mujhay to yah samjh nahi ati k jab meera ko pata bhi hai k sab us ki english ki kitni kit lagatay hain tab bhi baaz nahi ati bolnay say.....bara hosla hai bhayee............... "
Posted by aq (5 yrs ago)
" can someone please post this interview, I really want to see what happened when she actually interviewed him "
Posted by vadhika (5 yrs ago)
" hehehehe..... "
Posted by aroona (5 yrs ago)
" You can also know Urdu and be educated. This is downright cruel! I really don't think its funny. Why do we need to speak English to prove ourselves....our own insecuritie. "
Posted by rhyme4U (5 yrs ago)
" Wat a B.I.T.C.H!!!! better keep ur mouth shut...Its obvious that she's a nut case who's better off exposing herself than opening her bloody illiterate bitchy lesbian mouth....lady go get some education, not in exposing urself but in speaking and dont insult ur country!!! "
Posted by amy22 (5 yrs ago)
" I find it plain sad. She cannot speak English and they record it and put it on air. And it does not even look like she wants to speak English, the producer is making her speak it. You can clearly see how uncomfortable she is here.

It's sad, that's all. "
Posted by fairy77 (5 yrs ago)
" come on ppl at least she is trying English is not her mother tongue though.... pls stop looking down on anyone who cannot speak English its nothing more than a language "
Posted by chanchalchapti (5 yrs ago)
" i laught so much i saw this video few times its fun and also shameful but plz abbas post the whole video "
Posted by kirancuty (5 yrs ago)
" it is sooo sad to see that a person needs to speak in english even if she cant,ppl are getiing obssessed wid english speaking putting words of english in thier chils mouth n making mockery of those who dnt,we should be proud of what we are and proud of our language. n meera specially is getting hit bcoz she thinks she is perfect and she is soooo disgusting everyone knows wat she is thts y ppl mock her the reason is not her english but the person she is. "
Posted by KalloPari (5 yrs ago)
" funny..... "
Posted by rollypolli (5 yrs ago)
" lolz!!!!!which show is this???i really wanna see the whole thing.... "
Posted by ishaan (5 yrs ago)
" iss ko urdu bhi nahi atti english toh dorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrki baat hai lol jhatkay maar kay bolti hia urdu bhi lol "
Posted by zafarjamali (5 yrs ago)
" why are we obsessed with english? aakihir masla kia hai,urdu bolna koi beziti ki baat tou nahin hai......
poor her,she is giving everyone a chance to ridicule and exploit her as much as they can!
what a shame!! "
Posted by rabiaqamar (5 yrs ago)
" hhehehehe,bechari meera ko bathroom break chaiye,,urdu mei interview le lo koi izat nai ghatnay wali tumari.. "
Posted by casper007 (5 yrs ago)
" what she was doing? un believable "
Posted by ujii123 (5 yrs ago)
" we will be THE back after RIGHT short break.. omg ..i never knew ENGLISH KE KOI ASSI BE TANG THOR SAKTA HAI.. LOL.... stick to urdu or punjabhi.. or jubrish.. or wutevr u speak now days.. I FEEL SOO BAD FOR HER GUEST.. I HATE I HATE I HATE.. I HATE YOUR ENGLISH !!! WOW.. BACK TO PRE-K FOR U YOUNG LADY !!! "
Posted by amat (5 yrs ago)
" realy meera its tooooo dificult this nasty language darling keep on speaking till you forget ur own language oooho i m feeling pitty for u "
Posted by zara007 (5 yrs ago)
" wot a bimbo! who needs comedy when u have our meera. The male guest cannot believe wot he is seeing and hearing! hes really wants to laugh his head off "
Posted by zulhana (5 yrs ago)
" meera pakistan ki ronaq tum hi say hay "
Posted by asmasaima (5 yrs ago)
" very funny indeed! "
Posted by reem (5 yrs ago)
" meera mera 2 years ka nephew bhi tumhari copy ker raha hai,,hahahah "
Posted by pakgrl (5 yrs ago)
" This is soooo Funny & sad at the same time that she is keep Acting Stupit so People make Fun of her.... "
Posted by naveera (5 yrs ago)
" everytime she needs water she need chuloo bher pani. "
Posted by naveera (5 yrs ago)
" hahha why ally the she asked 4 water.this old woman is completley sick. "
Posted by fairyaisha (5 yrs ago)
" meera ap ko nahin pata aap ka record lag gaya ab. "
Posted by mzehra (5 yrs ago)
" hmm its not funny at all.afsoos ham dosroon ki achi cheezain nahi sekhtai likin behoda kaprai pahanai main pechai nahi rahain gai ..english sekho achi baat hai laikin jitna time makeup aur fashion (fahashi)main lagaya tha utna time agar english sekhnai main lagati tu ajj dunya main itni insult na horahi boya hai wo tu katna hi parai ga na.Psycho logon ko sirf tawajo chaya hoti hai wo chai insult ki shikal main hi kyon na ho.iss tarhan kai hi logon nai pakistan ka name badnam kya hua hai. "
Posted by aq (5 yrs ago)
" This is too much....she needs a crash language course......beera garach is ka.. if there is best of Meera, this is on the top of list.... "
Posted by fiza786 (5 yrs ago)
" she's 2 muchhhhhhhhh... dammm funny "
Posted by aisha27 (5 yrs ago)
" manhoos mari chup ho ja,itni bhi kia ahsas e kamtari.Phelay achi insan to ban jaw "
Posted by nazia00 (5 yrs ago)
" what kind of show is that so sad she has to learn english like Reema. "
Posted by bablu (5 yrs ago)
" @wastisyed: Yes it IS funny. Because she cant speak english but still tries so hard to. Urdu bolnay main koi buraee hay kya? Why doesnt she feel proud to be a pakistani and speak urdu!
Whats funny is that she is trying so hard to speak english to try and act "cool", but instead she is looking even more stupid! "
Posted by sumii (5 yrs ago)
Posted by wastisyed (5 yrs ago)
" Actually NO IT IS NOT funny at all.

This has become mocking game, pocking fun at someone who can't speak the english language. So what is so funny about that!!!

Beside English is not her first Language it is probably Punjabi, and then Urdu now she is trying to speak English.

And Meera please if really want to speak English you have to try and learn the language first.

Please Just STOP this bull shit people "GEO and other Channels" “She is Pakistani after all”. "
Posted by ishaan (5 yrs ago)
" iss aurat kam hijra zayada meera ki maa isnay khud hi ek interview mai kaha tha "
Posted by sumii (5 yrs ago)
Posted by sumii (5 yrs ago)


Posted by ishaan (5 yrs ago)
" 1st class fail iss ki maa education minister hai lol daykh kay pata lag raha hai "
Posted by mano008 (5 yrs ago)
" lol "
Posted by naveen78 (5 yrs ago)
" hahahhahhahaha,its really funny ,we should play on geo ,lol,hahahhahahah,who called her for this show "
Posted by bablu (5 yrs ago)
" Hahaha this is soo funny!!! "


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