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A documentary about male sex workers of Pakistan. This film was made in different areas of Pakistan including Karachi, lahore, abbotabad, Peshawar, rawalpindi, It gives a picture of what this community goes through to survive and what leads them in to the sex trade


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Show Name:Jo Kahin Nahin Wo Yahan
Added:23 Oct 2009
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Posted by soniya84 (3 yrs ago)
" ohh plz don't cal him becharay yah koi becharay nahi hain ager gurbat hai paisay nahi to kumanay k bhut sai tareekay hain nahi to bheeg mang lain aur us sai behtur hai khudkhushi kar lain pur naozubillah aisay kam na karain jin sai duniya aur akhrut dono hi burbad ho jaye aur jo ALLAH sai mangta hai na ALLAH gaib sai uski madad kar daita hai usk khazana wasii hai aur ALLAH kahta hai mujhsai mang k to daiko mai teri shah rug sai bhi kareeb tur hoo yah buthkay hoo gunah gar loog hain jin k andur sai hiss khatum hochuki hai aur hawais barh gai hai gher mai biwi nahi jo is qism k kam kartay hooo inko to saray aam panhsi daini chahye k auro k liye ibrut hoo humaray han insaaf hi to khatum ho chuka hai ager saza war ko saza milti to aj mulak k halat bhut different hotay ALLAH hum sub pai tamam umate muslima pai rehum karay sbko apnay hifzo aman mai rukhye ameennn.......... "
Posted by alishakhan (4 yrs ago)
Posted by alishakhan (4 yrs ago)
" ASA,please save ur children as they r most weak in strength ,they cant raise their voice we adluts can ,dont trust anyone as most child sex abuse occur my close persons not strangers ,i worked on child abuse alot ,i came to know van drivers of well known schools also do dirty sex things with kids ,please dont send ur small kids with drivers dont trust on old persons with daries as i came to know old babas with daries stop kids vans at some place and other babas sit in vans so two babas one driving van and other behid with kids turn by turn do dirty things with kids under legs parts please dont trust any one , "
Posted by alishakhan (4 yrs ago)
" ASA,only GOD knows my kurb ,the most i was hurt that people dont feel anything on it ,i tried to raise my noise but nobody took it seriously and everyone tried to make me silent , "
Posted by alishakhan (4 yrs ago)
" ASA,there is lot of bad in west ,but we r muslims such things should not happened in muslim state and my inlaws r so called very religious ,they pray and do haj omras alot ,my intention is to save other childrens please dont judge people by outside apprance ,only ALLAH knows who is neik from heart , "
Posted by fairy77 (4 yrs ago)
" like someone said b4 you should tell about the inlaws here so ppl could spread the words and avoid such ppl "
Posted by fairy77 (4 yrs ago)
" very sad alisha , iam sure this must be happening a lot more than we know in families but usually parents are very concerned unlike ur husband.
just a piece of advice for parents here never ever leave your kids with anyone you dont trust or dont know until they are old enough,like 16-17
yrs old.
never with drivers, servants,male or female even the male child, do a little more go pick them at school ask the teacher to keep an eye on younger kids not playing or going alone with older ones.
Dont leave them with older cousins, uncles etc alone for long or send them alone if the child is not comfortable with someone for any reason respect his/her words and avoid that person, tell the kids whats wrong and how people can hurt them go extra length to save them for anything.
Alisha though u are here but ppl are also very weired in here so dont think they are save be very careful about them. "
Posted by aisha (4 yrs ago)
" @alihkhan,verysorry,and sad for everyone to.but it is a fact that is happening in Muslim society.and as a parents we are support to children who are abused also we have to trained our children to save them self and open up if something happened like this.khuda tumhe saber ka ajar day ,and the one who are involved in the crime will get punished by our lord.who is watching us all the time.and @sumilthese countries us Canada can be on high rates but their society do not hide the abuse specially child abuse and have tough punishment .do you her message they threat, hide,no support no judgement also no hope for any kind of support or help.sure she will not get even moral support.and for all those who read this it is taught to children in this system that any kind of abuse come (physical,emotional ,mental,or sexual)from the close family members or friend relative.etc and police also suspect them too.and children are not supposed to feel guilty it is not their fault and they will be not responsible for breaking up the is adult action and they are responsible for their behavior.
There is Hadith our prophet said before the day of judgement will come.muscleman yahood aur nasal aur dosre mazhab say tad ad mainzeyada hoagy Magar wo buhut pasti main hoangay .sahib nay shawl Miya kih Aisa kuon ,hazoor ne farmaya kih nasara apnay older people ,children and women rights ka buhut khiyal kartay hain that's why they will successful aur traqi karayngi.

Every muslim should take care wherever they are ,either theirs or some one else without colour or religion olds,children and women respect them to get is not govt.duty we are society sowe have to build a good society.drop by drop make a............. "
Posted by sumii (4 yrs ago)
" I feel very sad for you,but dear Izaat is only saved by ALLAH SUBHAN-AU-TALLAH no matter where we live ,secondly these countries(UK,USA,CANADA ETC) have much higher rate of child abuse n rape than Pak.MayALLAHSUHA-NAU-TALLAH protect all of us from any azmaish.AMEEN "
Posted by asimpeshawar (4 yrs ago)
" @alishakhan

Its very sad what happened with ur family, but just remmember one thing Allah is watching all the time and if some one does bad ,he get it back it very soon and even worse then what he did with just pray to allah and ask his help. He has a big reward for those who don't take revenge and leave it for him. "
Posted by alishakhan (4 yrs ago)
" ASA,MY husband thrented my son to kill him if he will tell this to me ,the little kid was left alone .my inlaws were very fond of celebrating milad shareef and during that boys use him for sexual abuse as i was busy in cooking and other choers ,i came to know very late ,when he got courage many years after ,still i cried for help but this socity is not alive no body helped me and i was silenced by saying its not allowed in islam to tell home problems outside ,we always critize west ,i am in usa now atleast my and my kids izaate is safe here . "
Posted by AliHussain (4 yrs ago)
" Very disturbing and shocking video... alishakhan if you are going through such problems, maybe you can ask for help from someone or post your address here... Asiay criminals ko road pey ulta latka k marna chahiye.. "
Posted by alishakhan (4 yrs ago)
" ASA,its happing every where ,in homes ,dirvers of school van ,my five year son was abused sexually by my sister inlaws sons ,not only one son ,three ,mylaws r so called very religious people .eneven my sisterinlaw husband tried to abuse him sexually ,i was always forced to sleep my son with his dadu and from there those kids push him for abuse ,and he was so affarid and was terrified by saying his father will kill him if he will tell all this to me .i am now not in pakistan dealing alone my son physhcological probelems no one is with me ,its all the pushiment of being good wife and good daughter inlaw ,as most womens r forced to do khiment of inlaws , "
Posted by Chalako (5 yrs ago)
" These aren't male sex workers!!! Those are CHILDREN! OMG I can't believe such things are happening in Pakistan.

Astafurallah...poor children. Each one of those "clients" need to be prosecuted at the highest order. There really needs to be laws put in place about this. "
Posted by dramafan_original (5 yrs ago)
" sickkk "
Posted by fairyaisha (5 yrs ago)
" hamari government hi zaleeeel hai.mulk main itni berozgari hai gurbat itni aur uper say mehangayeee .ye log aur kia karen.majboor ho kr becharay galat kamoon pr lg jatay hain. "
Posted by pakwinter (5 yrs ago)
" inn key shakloun pay kaisey manhoosiat aur pathkar hai.Allah inn ko hadiatta daay(Ameen) "
Posted by pakwinter (5 yrs ago)
" This is not allowed in Islam .Aaj kaal jo kuch Pakistan main hoo raha hai because of these gays gunahoun key waja say.This is in Quran Majeed that Jaab mard mardoun say aur aurtain autroun say lutuf hasil karna shoroun kar dayian geyy.Yeh Qiamat key Nishaniuon main say eik Nishaney.
These people are saying they are poor and this is an easy way to make money.These people are liars.Paisay kamanay kay hazar halal aur jaiz tareeqay hain. "
Posted by prezay (5 yrs ago)
" they are reuining a country, pakistan. shocking. "
Posted by nazia00 (5 yrs ago)
" becharay yea chootay larkay Allah sub ko apnay aman o amaan main rakhay.
Insaanon k roop main poori dunya main bharai pherahai hain "
Posted by nazia00 (5 yrs ago)
" Its very shocking and disturbing. "
Posted by mahiim (5 yrs ago)
" Its Scary... "
Posted by space-junkie (5 yrs ago)


Woodbridge NJ, United States (US)