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geo tv new drama '' tere liye '' promo

geo tv
Show Name:Teevee Sheevee
Added: 1 Sep 2009
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Posted by kashaf (4 yrs ago)
" yeh ary ka drama geo ka kyun likha hai "
Posted by NSKHAN06 (4 yrs ago)
" kuch ziada open nahi ho gae pakistani dramas pehle capri pehna shru kiya aur ab seedha skirts tak aa gae..wah "
Posted by fa_tunio (4 yrs ago)
" Tere Liye Coming soon on ARY Digital "
Posted by sadia_brm (5 yrs ago)
" Yeah drama upload kiun nahee kartay ?????? "
Posted by deenag (5 yrs ago)
" is this drama or film? promo seto lagta hay k glamour ,luxrious life style or larkion k jismon ki numaeish k siv kuch naheen iss main ooper se behooda romance sceen kuch zida or story khatam hotee ja rahi hay Pak. dramas main "
Posted by deenag (5 yrs ago)
" who are the writer,director and producers of this drama when it is going to b on air "
Posted by rjparacha (5 yrs ago)
" Is this Pakistani drama?????....what the hell is that? "
Posted by fairyaisha (5 yrs ago)
" geo walon nay waqayeeeeeee pakistan ka bera gark karnay ki qasam kahyee hai.pretty sad "
Posted by durrani (5 yrs ago)
" look forward to this drama when is it going to air ?? "
Posted by sarwatsalman (5 yrs ago)
" Moonalisa is seriously pathetic.... "
Posted by safeena (5 yrs ago)
" aur kia baat dresses tu dresses bari LIPTA CHAPTI dikhai ja rahi hay janab "
Posted by safeena (5 yrs ago)
" ek tu Moona lisa bakwass aurat itna bara drama lag raha hay aur pooree story lag raha hay is bakwass aurat k gird hee ghoom rahi hay 4 aadmi us k deewanay huhh. dosree wo nazar aai thee bangalan Mohib mirza ki bivi wo pata kion mujhay itni buri lagti hay 2ni mian bivi pata nahi kis baat per itraye jaatay hain live shows pe oper se mariaaa wasssti saheba aur larkay tu wo hee jo hotay hain "
Posted by koibhi (5 yrs ago)
" humayun...ijaz...faisal

wahi puranay chehray
kya pakista-n me ab hero paida nhi hotay "
Posted by Lavender786 (5 yrs ago)
" herione with four men. How classy. Pakistani writers, producers, and directors seriously need be reminded that they are 1. Muslim and 2. Pakistani and not only that, they are writing, producing, and directing for a Muslim/Pakistani audience. This is an ongoing trend in Pakistan. They are SO impressed with Western culture that they have to be the same way even though they know it's not accurate. How repulsive. "
Posted by aq (5 yrs ago)
" it makes me gag to see Hamayoo Saeed again and again in every drama. He should consider getting a break and give us a break from his face. "
Posted by tamkant79 (5 yrs ago)
" kia takleef hay in ko shalwar kameez say "
Posted by sweetshez (5 yrs ago)
" i hate maria wasti:@ "
Posted by Mahwish-canada (5 yrs ago)
" Lookslike a grand drama with excellent visuals...Resham looks beautiful & stunning as usual "
Posted by anumra (5 yrs ago)
" the next would be to wear bikinis in their dramas sisnce thts the only thing left to do as they have crossed all other limits!!!! "
Posted by sarahaman (5 yrs ago)
" i love it "
Posted by veryverypakistani (5 yrs ago)
" kaafi open hogaey hain pakistani dramas...sad "


Woodbridge NJ, United States (US)