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Drama Serial Teri Ik Nazar on Geo Tv - Episode 14-a

Actors: Saba Faisal Sara Chaudhry Sohail Sameer Saba Qamar Imran Urooj Tauqeer Nasir
Director: Fauzia Siddiqi
Producer: Rafique Warraich
Writer: Jahanzeb Qamar
TV Channel:Geo TV
Show Name:Teri Ik Nazar
Added: 4 Jul 2009
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Posted by moon786 (2 yrs ago)
" ohhh plz I wanna watch this drama snifff "
Posted by rabiashakoor (2 yrs ago)
" Plz admin tell me how i can watch this drama coz these links r not opening :( "
Posted by arifatma (5 yrs ago)
" toqer nasir is look like acting ...not like reality...he is acting for more then 30 years...but since now ... he act like he is acting....same as he was in waris... "
Posted by K4KUTE (5 yrs ago)
" husband k pass sher thee, ayr ghar aa k bhegi billi ban gaye hay sadaf stupid. "
Posted by K4KUTE (5 yrs ago)
" sari ki sari ghalti sadaf ki hai..aalyan is a nice guy "
Posted by metempiric86 (5 yrs ago)
" sadaf ek dum sey itni Confident kesi ho gaye?? Fazool mein apni mother in law k peechay par gaye hai .. "
Posted by binat (5 yrs ago)
" suhail chachundar ha ha ha
nice name........... "
Posted by kfaiza (5 yrs ago)
" chachundar suhail ka bura anjam hona chahye "
Posted by sarsh (5 yrs ago)
" Hi, everyone! for some reason I am unable to play this particular part of the show and few other shows aswell. Does any one know why it doesn't work? Please help me if you can. Thank u! "
Posted by abfz9 (5 yrs ago)
" i hate both father of the daughters and their cousin sohail want to kill them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
Posted by Samira (5 yrs ago)
" very nice song like drama "
Posted by niggu (5 yrs ago)
" why is this not working for me along with many other links on vidpk? just shows the title and the credits/cast...the actual screen part is missing. would anyone know how to change that? i'd really appreciate it! "
Posted by Zulqarnain (5 yrs ago)
" its the peak of the story........very progressive twist......superb writing..........thanx blueSky... "
Posted by Hamna (5 yrs ago)
" thank you! "
Posted by nidakanwal (5 yrs ago)
" please upload the part be. Can't wait to see "
Posted by candy1 (5 yrs ago)
" Where iz par'b'
plz upload..
i hate her father.. "
Posted by humtum09 (5 yrs ago)
" i hate sohail.... "
Posted by seemaDramaFan (5 yrs ago)
" oh I hate Tauqeer nasir. "
Posted by sandykhan (5 yrs ago)
" where is 2nd part "
Posted by seemaDramaFan (5 yrs ago)
" bakwaas baap "
Posted by prin_cess (5 yrs ago)
" plz upload part b "
Posted by aali1xan (5 yrs ago)
" At the end of this drama, they should show something really bad happen to Sohail because he's ruining so many people's lives. What a horrible personality! "
Posted by Shenzila (5 yrs ago)
" Thanks but Please upload part (b) as soon as possible. "
Posted by jatria123 (5 yrs ago)
" Thank you soooooooooooo much for uploading "
Posted by spring222009 (5 yrs ago)
" please upload part B... "
Posted by nidakanwal (5 yrs ago)
" sohail is the evil person in this drama "
Posted by Laiba1122309 (5 yrs ago)
" thanks bluesky plz part b upload kare "


South River NJ, United States (US)