3 Reasons Why Lahore Qalandar Were Knocked Out


Pakistan Super League was a success no matter how you look at it. There was a lot of media coverage and players actually performed, something that a lot of cynics weren’t expecting from the current pool of young Pakistani players. However, Lahore Qalandars was a major disappointment even though Umar Akmal scored a lot of runs for Qalandars. We have looked at Qalandars’ performances closely, trying to figure out what went wrong.

Lahore Qalandar was one of the most expensive teams of PSL. With a highly talented pool of players, everyone expected the team to make it to playoffs at the least. However, they failed to impress fans as well as hardcore cricket critics. Here is what could have possibly gone wrong.

Reason 1: Relying on Chris Gayle and not the ‘team’


One of the things that made Lahore Qalandars everyone’s favorite was the fact that master blaster Chris Gayle signed with them. However, the team relied too much on him, expecting him to take the team through and came with ineffective plan B. When Gayle didn’t fire, the team didn’t perform. There were too many expectations from one player. Unfortunately for Qalanders, Gayle never looked serious about playing. It looked as if the man from Caribbean was here only for ‘fun’.

Reason 2: Unprepared and untidy


One of the things about T-20 cricket is that it’s fast and it’s unforgiving. So if you miss a catch or don’t field the ball properly for an over or so, you’re out of the game. You can make a comeback but it will take heroic performances. That was the problem with Qalandars as they failed to put up professional performances. The fielding was substandard and the team looked unprepared for the tournament.

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Reason 3: Unbalanced side


Although some people think that Lahore Qalandars had the best side in the tournament, it isn’t the fact. The team lacked depth in bowling attack. There was not even a single worth-while bowling performance from Qalandars as bowlers failed to shine.

Is there any hope for Qalandars in the next PSL season?

If Qalandars can focus more on sweating on the ground instead of being in the limelight in media, they may have a chance to go through the playoffs next year. Here are a few areas they can improve.

  • More time in training camps than on media outlets
  • More focus on performance and less focus on interacting with fans
  • Improved bowling attack





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