3 Dramas You Should Watch With Your Kids

3 Dramas You Should Watch With Your Kids

Are you looking forward to some family time this summer? Possibly sitting in front of the TV together? It seems like a great idea. But in that case, what to watch? Here are top 3 Dramas You Should Watch With Your Kids

Don’t worry, team Vidpk is here to the rescue. We have listed the three classics from PTV that you should watch with your kids. We are sure you and your kids will love them alike!

Sunehray Din

Sunehray Din

Directed by the living legend Shoaib Mansoor, Sunehray Din is a popular drama serial from 90’s. The drama became a hit right from the moment its first episode went on air.

Be it the enthusiastic lyrics of classic Dil Dil Pakistan or the latest Chand Sitara, Shoaib Mansoor always knows how to strike the right chord. Sunehray Din is just another masterpiece.

Set in the military academy Kakul, Sunehray Din stars Saleem Sheikh and Kiran in the lead roles. Hameed Waine and Aliya Kazmi are seen as main supporting cast along with others.

The drama accounts the lives of young cadets, their tough training and the enduring challenges thrown by their seniors.

Shoaib Mansoor has successfully maintained the witty element throughout the series raising the patriotic flare with light entertainment.

If you are seeking a classic drama for your kids that has all the elements of a good family drama then you should watch Sunehray Din. It will surely revive the golden days of your life.

Alpha Bravo Charlie

Alpha Bravo Charlie

This action, thriller military based drama has set the highest TRP records ever in Pakistan. Another masterpiece by Shoaib Mansoor, Alpha Bravo Charlie is one of the gems of our drama industry. It is one of the classics that you can never skip when counting on the list.

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The drama was produced in collaboration with ISPR. Alpha Bravo Charlie is one of the 3 Dramas You Should Watch With Your Kids

Faraz, Kashif and Gulsher as military captains take you on the roller coaster of emotions through their performances. The role of Shahnaaz as an independent, confident and courageous young lady in the lives of these three soldiers is also commendable.

ABC is a tale of friendship, love, heartbreak, life and death. It also reflects the military operations of Pakistan Army during Bosnian war and Siachen conflict.

If you want to arouse some patriotism in your kids with right values, ABC is the perfect choice then.

Ainak Wala Jinn – 3 Dramas You Should Watch With Your Kids

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The fictional story revolving around a genie and its human friend was celebrated by three generations at a time. The play was loved by adults and kids alike. Apart from fiction and humour, the play taught great moral values.

It is a story of a genie from the Caucasus Mountains who came to earth to seek the treatment for his weak eye sight, eventually the name “Ainak Wala Jinn”.

Directed by Hafeez Tahir, the play proved a great source of learning for children along with entertainment.

Ainak Wala Jinn, for most Pakistani kids was the first step to the fantasy land. It was the first Harry Potter of Pakistani TV screen.

If you want to recreate the magic of vintage fantasy land with your kids then you should watch this series. Let’s start these 3 Dramas You Should Watch With Your Kids and share your feedback with us.

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