Maney Na yeh Dil DVD 1 Part7

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15 May, 2009

A different story of passionate love where they overlooked all boundaries to be together and finally reach to the point that they never thought of! Manay na ye dil is a Hum TV serial based on love and passion. Zainab is the protagonist of the serial who is in love with her aunt’s son Shehriyar. Shehriyar gets married with a selfish girl Rubab, a totally different personality than he expected. Rubab becomes pregnant but she is not in the favor of child so she aborts their child. Shehriyar loses his patience and give divorce to her. He falls in love with her friend Roshini but her mom forces her to married with Zainab. Roshni gets married with another person but Shehriyar is not able to forget his love and tried to reconcile his relationship. The drama is fabulously directed with extraordinary acting. The complete serial is available here on Vidpk.