mam Like Child - Miracle And Blessed Child - A Must See

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9 Oct, 2007

Sermon on Islam and the strangers by Muslim Saeed (مسلم سعيد) of Egypt. Date: 2005 Just before Ramadan that year.

This kids both parents were christian and his native language is not arabic, he is only 4. He claims the words he is saying were tought to him in his dreams by a man dressed in white under a tree shade. When he is not preaching if u talk to him in arabic he doesn't the way his parents and hundreds converted seeing him... Elhamdulilah. A blessed child showing men among men who Allah is. Allah bless him. We all wish we were like him. Muslims come in peace. May Allah take us all to Jannat. Ameen. Comments are more than WELCOME.

A video which will amaze you.Visit the websites below for proof of ALLAH.