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nadia khan wedding video

some clips from her special day
Show Name:Jo Kahin Nahin Wo Yahan
Added:27 Apr 2009
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Posted by aawiish (3 yrs ago)
" nice one "
Posted by Pakkhutbah (3 yrs ago)
" Check out this new site with free videos in Pashto & Urdu!! "
Posted by iqra786 (3 yrs ago)
" nadia khan beacon house rawalpindi mein parhtee thee aur kafi flert krtee thee... "
Posted by iqra786 (3 yrs ago)
" nadia beacon house school mein parhti thee harley street pindi lala zar mein most probably rehtee thee mein flert mashoor thee .. koi bohat itnee shareef nahin thee jaise pose kr rahee hai aur age k bare mein bhi jhoot bool rahee hai "
Posted by sadafsaleh (4 yrs ago)
" OMG she is lying bcoz she is married 2000 and she was born in may 1975 when she got married she was 26 years old "
Posted by mili (4 yrs ago)
" nadia khan nay master nahi kya huwa. she is simple BA "
Posted by smarties (4 yrs ago)
" she was much sensible back then...I think the fame got to her. "
Posted by attisajoo (4 yrs ago)
" she is telling lie that she was 20. She done master before shade and atleast one can do master at the age of 22. "
Posted by mayan&bella (4 yrs ago)
" nadia sech bole ya jhoot shuker he is ni shaadi to ki thii "
Posted by shumailaa (4 yrs ago)
" jhooti 20 sal ki shadi :P
24 , 25 ki thee "
Posted by owaisyounus (4 yrs ago)
" so cute "
Posted by anooshey (4 yrs ago)
" looking very beautiful in mayon "
Posted by maulaim77 (4 yrs ago)
" her waqt yeh bandi main main kernay main lagy rahty hai jesay k dunya ki hasen aurat ho ..baghair mackup dikhaya mayoon main sachaye samnay aye mackup kerkay hasen to her aurat lagty hai nadia apnay munh myan mitho na bana karo "
Posted by Naintara (4 yrs ago)
" apni tareef ap...pata nahi kion yeh apnay ap ko itna acha kion samjhti hay "
Posted by vj (4 yrs ago)
" nadia khan apnay ap ko itna promote kyn karti hai "
Posted by tulips (4 yrs ago)
" Good work people.Keep discussing NKS & GMP. They r real national issues "
Posted by Johny (5 yrs ago)
" hahahahahaah makup k bgair larkia churail kiooooOo lgti jai "
Posted by gurryakhan (5 yrs ago)
" manhoos shoher ko daikho fraud kaheen ka "
Posted by gurryakhan (5 yrs ago)
" 20 ki nadiaaaaaaaa "
Posted by honeyhoney (5 yrs ago)
" nadia nay divorce nhn le thee ek show main kissi ny poocha to woh keh rhe the k mghy meri phoopho ya kissi anti ny mashwara dia k divorce naan lo pehlay naraaz rhe laikin ab ussi shoher k sath khush hy koi doosre shadi nhn ki "
Posted by ssamreen (5 yrs ago)
" ye tum log aiwain ki batain kyo uratey hoon where is any proof about his husband first shadi ? or nadia's divorce ? "
Posted by sumii (5 yrs ago)
" hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!pori story bataye "
Posted by adilasaad (5 yrs ago)
" I read about nadia's husband first wife. The news of nadia 's hubby first wife came soon in the leading newspaper soon after nadia got married .She blamed nadia for everything. "
Posted by SANA_SUNNY (5 yrs ago)
" nadia is looking cute. "
Posted by sidra77 (5 yrs ago)
" Her husband doesn't suit her. She deserve much better looking guy. This one looks all crap. She was pagal to marry him...She was looking half of his age while getting married. "
Posted by nidakanwal (5 yrs ago)
" plz people stop this nonsense about Nadia khan and leave her alone. nobody what is true only Allah know that. "
Posted by uroosasafi (5 yrs ago)
" main ne suna hay ye is k husband kee 2nd wife hay hai is k husband ne apni 1st wife ko divorce dee hoi hay . Allah janay Nadia khan dosroon k tu buhat bakhiye udherti hay persnol life k kabhi apnay husband ko bulaye tu callers ko chaheyye wo peechay lag jain us se sab kuch persnol jannay ko.
wesay buhat piyaree lag rahi theee nadia apnay mayyon aur shadi pe "
Posted by NAZIS (5 yrs ago)
" yar ites not workingg...... "
Posted by NAZIS (5 yrs ago)
" divorced ka mene bhi suna hai
?but kab hoi kesy hoi i donn know....plz tell us... "
Posted by pakgrl (5 yrs ago)
" I was confussed about that I heard Nadia was divorced?? "
Posted by adilasaad (5 yrs ago)
" she is talking all nice things about her hubby here .she was taking divorce from her hubby few years back but it didnt happen . "
Posted by amina (5 yrs ago)
" lookig very beautiful.God bless her happy life.decent couple. "
Posted by aqsa77 (5 yrs ago)
" working for me fi9 "
Posted by veryverypakistani (5 yrs ago)
" she is looking so beautiful on barat "
Posted by veryverypakistani (5 yrs ago)
" me 2 ...i mean i can watch it smoothly "
Posted by huckleberry (5 yrs ago)
" I can watch it without any problems. "
Posted by khuljasumsum (5 yrs ago)
" not working "
Posted by kiranisar (5 yrs ago)
" yes it is not working "
Posted by amy22 (5 yrs ago)
" Not working. "


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