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Tere Ishq mein Episode 3 - 8

Actors: Humayun Saeed Naheed Shabbir Saba Hameed Aijaz Aslam Nabeel Sajida Syed Shakeel
Director: Syed Ahmed Kamran
Producer: Hassan Zia
Writer: Syed Wasi Shah
TV Channel:Geo TV
Show Name:Tere Ishq Mein
Added:28 Mar 2009
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Posted by she (5 yrs ago)
" i am unable to download and watch these eppisodes, so can you pls re download it as i love this drama "
Posted by saima140 (5 yrs ago)
Posted by saima140 (5 yrs ago)
whole drama is already re uploaded here is the link of part 1 "
Posted by asmasaima (5 yrs ago)
" reupload it pls! "
Posted by salaam123 (5 yrs ago)
" plz plz plz plz prrrreeeetttttyyyy plz fix this. PLEASE "
Posted by samosa (5 yrs ago)
" it's been a month and it hasn't been fixed yet!! "
Posted by 1989sm (5 yrs ago)
" its not working plz do sumthin' "
Posted by samosa (5 yrs ago)
" it's still not working.. we are alllll waiting.
Please upload one episode at a time..the 3-8..etc doesn't work.. it only plays for 2 mins and then nothing more. We are all anxious to watch the episodes of this drama.. please fix it, thanks "
Posted by zainabpatail (5 yrs ago)
" please upload on at a time, such a nice drama but unable to see the episodes. kindly upload the other episodes, like other dramas "
Posted by ranig (5 yrs ago)
" even then,it is up loaded, it is not working. Please upload one episode at a time, may be it will help to play it, Thanks. "
Posted by sweetgirlrabia (5 yrs ago)
" not working "
Posted by samosa (5 yrs ago)
" please fix this "
Posted by saima140 (5 yrs ago)
" I reuploaded Episodes 3-8 last week. "
Posted by ranig (5 yrs ago)
" not working yet!!please upload!! "
Posted by sararaza (5 yrs ago)
" please fix the problem. it's not working. "
Posted by watever (5 yrs ago)
" it only work for first few seconds. cant you upload the episodes seperately or something plsssssss "
Posted by saima140 (5 yrs ago)
" it already uploaded Episodes 3-8 Episodes parts "
Posted by samosa (5 yrs ago)
" pls reload the files for this drama "
Posted by laadan (5 yrs ago)
" plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz upload the drama plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz "
Posted by saima140 (5 yrs ago)
" i will re upload it today "
Posted by kiranali (5 yrs ago)
" yes its not working please can anyone fix this "
Posted by metempiric86 (5 yrs ago)
" yeah ... its nto working ... wat r v suppose to do now? n its not even jus one epi so i can skip it :S "
Posted by mshemyalnisar (5 yrs ago)
" i think there is some problem in this file. It does not work after 2:05 minutes.... :( "


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