Ptv Drama PNS Ghazi Shaheed - P-1

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25 Feb, 2009

Cast: Shabbir Jan Mishi Khan Aisha Khan
Writer: Asad Muhammed Khan
Director: Kazim Pasha
PNS Ghazi
On November 14, 1971 it sailed out of harbour on a reconnaissance patrol under the command of Cdr Zafar Muhammad Khan with 92 hands on board. It was expected to report on November 26. The submarine was to sail 3,000 miles (4,828 kilometres) around the Indian peninsula from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal. PNS Ghazi (S-130) was a United States-built submarine that was leased by Pakistan in 1963. It operated in the 1965 and 1971 wars between Pakistan and India and was Pakistan's first submarine and remained the flagship submarine for Pakistan Navy until it sank in 1971. It sank off the fairway buoy of Visakhapatnam near eastern coast of India under unclear circumstances during the 1971 war. In 1965 war Ghazi was used in the Second Kashmir War in 1965 to attack heavy ships of the Indian Navy or ships aiding Operation Dwarka, though it didn't score any hits. It was a significant threat in the 1965 Indo-Pakistani war. It won 10 awards including two decorations of Sitara-e-Jurat and the President's citations.