Eliminate Crime in Pakistan

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18 Jan, 2009

All criminals who betray the country deserve to die a death that becomes an example to the rest. Kill every criminal terrorist and corrupt politician. We have to take a stand to save Pakistan. All traitors must be killed including Zardari.

Anyway we are justified to take action against criminals in anyway we please. If you catch one kill him for he is a traitor to Pakistan. Thiose people who kill criminals do a service to Pakistan.

Enough is enough. We want Pakistan to be a place where we can live with pride and our head high. We deserve this right. We love this country beyond anything else but why we have to see this in our country. We dont want this! End It! Why are criminals bailed out. Why thousands of crimes go unreported as police themselves dont want to take action? This is bullshit.

Frustration is increasing and one day the People of Pakistan will truly ravage the corrupt politicians and drag all criminals and traitors from their houses and fuck them so badly their coming generations will shiver in shock as to how they were killed.

Dont play with fire is all we can tell these traitors. Those who practice corruption crime or terrorism are biggest traitors to Pakistan making our society more difficult to live in.