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Drama Serial " Doraha " on Geo Tv - Episode 13 - P-a

Actors: Parveen Akbar Adnan Siddiqi Mohammad Ahmed Tahira Wasti Badar Khalil Sanam Baloch Ismat Zaidi Qazi Wajid
Director: Mehreen Jabbar
Producers: Abdullah Kadwani Humayun Saeed
Writer: Umera Ahmed
TV Channel:Geo TV
Show Name:Doraha
Added:17 Jan 2009
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Posted by greenpathro (3 yrs ago)
" she is an educated woman..why is she tolerating such nonsense "
Posted by greenpathro (3 yrs ago)
" no woman should tolerate this "
Posted by greenpathro (3 yrs ago)
" asfar's mum is as psycho as asfar "
Posted by hina.amin1 (5 yrs ago)
" Sonia Rehman did excellent job "
Posted by atiffan1 (5 yrs ago)
Posted by l3isma (5 yrs ago)
" but where is the download option?? "
Posted by veryverypakistani (5 yrs ago)
" videos* "
Posted by veryverypakistani (5 yrs ago)
" hello rida,u can download vuideos if u download realplayer latest version on ur computer. "
Posted by rida_90 (5 yrs ago)
" do anyone of u knows how to download the serials...?? please tell me how to, i dunno.. email me.. or just anywhere, as long u tell how to.. thnxx... ... =) "
Posted by yusra (5 yrs ago)
" upload it again cant see itttttttt "
Posted by Alizah (5 yrs ago)
" Pls upload episode 13a agian. it is not streaming properly as I have tried it many times.
It is very good to see such a beautiful drama with strong story line and excellent natural acting. Hats off to all the makers and performers. Umaira Ahmed has always written excellent stories like Man-o-Salwa and this one. I am very disappointed on some users comments on Sara's appearance, I feel that some minds can never change. "
Posted by durrani (5 yrs ago)
" yes i also agree with pkbamara & vvpakistani on this sara issue!
i think most of the people r really used 2 watching bollywood movies !! *rolls eyes* "
Posted by veryverypakistani (5 yrs ago)
" i cannot judge whos the best actor in this serial,every1 is so fair to his role.bravo "
Posted by veryverypakistani (5 yrs ago)
" I Totally agree wd pkbamara.this is not a film or a glamorous useless drama like band khirkiyo..,khwab toot jatay..,mujhe apna banalo etc.its a family drama.very natural n real acting so i think we should not discuss anybdy weight but only the quality of acting. "
Posted by pkbamara (5 yrs ago)
" i think that is really rude, what do you guys mean? only skinny stick figure can marry people?? they showed sara as a normal girl, and i think appearance wise she look like 80% of pakistani woman out there. i don't see the big deal. she is acting so well, no one else can do that as good as her. "
Posted by amy22 (5 yrs ago)
" I also think Sonya Rehman is totally not suitable for the role. She is calm and everything but appearance wise a big NO NO for the role. Azfar is a freak, what an idiot. "
Posted by aq (5 yrs ago)
" absolut-me, are u azfar's relative or like him, he is nuts and what esle Sara can do..poor girls, bad luck twice for her.. Do you have a better idea adjust living with crazy azfar "
Posted by absolut_me (5 yrs ago)
" sara not suitable for the role. "
Posted by absolut_me (5 yrs ago)
" sara should also make n effort to forget omer n imagine her life with azfar. "
Posted by absolut_me (5 yrs ago)
" azfar is acting so well. "


Woodbridge NJ, United States (US)