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Zeba Mohammed Ali - The most graceful lady of Film Industry

A tribute to the Legend
Zeba is one of the most famous actresses in Pakistan. Her real name was Shaheen, but she adopted the name Zeba for her film career. Zeba was married to Mohammad Ali, a prominent actor of Pakistan's film industry.
Most of her movies were romantic, where her pair with actor Waheed Murad became very popular. After marriage, she, however, restricted herself only to the movies with Mohammad Ali.
Zeba started her film career from Karachi where producer Noor Mohammad Khan offered a role of heroine in his film Zindagi. Due to some reasons, this film was never released and then she was casted in another Karachi made film Shakir, with a lead role with Arif as hero, which was eventually released in 1962 with a different name Chiragh Jalta Raha. Other debut cast were Mohammad Ali and Kamal Irani.

Tauba was her first Golden Jubilee movie, where her beauty was immediately acknowledged by cinema goers. Her pair first with Kamal and then with Waheed Murad (in the film Heera aur pathar) became instant box office hit. Heera aur pathar undoubtedly established her as an actress of high repute.

After the introduction of color movies, she first appeared in Najma. Rishta Hey Pyar Ka was her first film which was shot overseas. Her first Platinum Jubilee was Armaan which was also Pakistan's first Platinum Jubilee Urdu film. Armaan is considered as the best movie in her entire career, which was produced by Waheed Murad himself and directed by Pervaiz Malik. The movie was released on 18th March, 1966. During the same year, Zeba and Waheed Murad were teamed up in two other movies, i.e., Josh and Jaag utha insaan.

She starred in only one Punjabi film named Mehndi Wale Hath, whereas she had worked with a total of 45 film directors.

Zeba's presence in the following movies gave new dimensions to the highly popular tragic roles: Gumrah, Ilzaam, (director S. Sulaiman), Ik phool ik pathar, Insaan aur Aadmi, Insaaf aur Qanoon, Afsana zindigi ka, Dil ik Aa'ena, Daman aur chingari, Aarzoo (director: Raza Meer), Adalat, Anjaan, Dil diya dard liya, Mahel, Pakeeza (director: Luqman), Phool merey gulshan ka, Mohabbat zindigi hai, Jab jab phool khiley, Paalki, Aap ka khadim, Baaghi sepahe, Koh-e-noor, Najma, Aansoo bahaye patharoan nay, Bharosa, Shama, Naukar, Esaar, Yaadain, Waqt ki pukar, Bahu Rani, Goonj uthi shehnai, Shireen Farhad, Aurat ik paheli, Riwaj and Sabaq.

Her last film as lead actress was Mohabbat ho tau aisi released in 1989.

During the struggle days, Zeba was called by Shareef Nayyar to work for his under direction film "Ishq par zor naheen (1963)" from Karachi to Lahore. On trail, Zeba was declared Fail and Shareef Nayyar passed the remarks that she is not a suitable actress and could not be a big actress in future, then he decided to take Musarrat Nazeer instead.
Show Name:Movie Bolay To Picture
Added:16 Jan 2009
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Posted by Truth2011 (3 yrs ago)
" There is a severe punishment for those who advertently or inadvertently point fingures to innocent females (i.e tuhmat) without any solid proof. May Allah save all of us from this type of evil act. ameen.

Al-Quran (24:4)
"And those who accuse chaste women, and produce not four witnesses, flog them with eighty stripes, and reject their testimony forever, They indeed are the Fâsiqûn (liars, rebellious, disobedient to Allâh). (4) Except those who repent thereafter and do righteous deeds, (for such) verily, Allâh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." "
Posted by zubia91 (3 yrs ago)
" Tariq.Shah .... umhain andaza bhi nahi keh kis qadar jahanm ki aag ikathib kar rahe ho apnay liye by talking to someone (specially for a female) like this. Agar yeah sab such bhi hai tab bhi its between her and Allah.
Kya khabar woh Khuda ko tum say kaheen ziyada azeez ho.
Tariq, you are a very good example of our JAAHIL, MUNAFIQ, NEGATIVE, GHATYA, PATTHAR-DIL socitey comprised of animal looking human-being.
DO WATCH DRAMA ROAG, THAT DEPICTS PEOPLE LIKE YOU, jo dusron par ungli uthaana apna farz samajhtay hain.
FARISHTOAN ko bhi yeh hukum nahi keh kisi insaan par tuhmat lagaeyn, phir hum gunehgar insaanon ki aukaat kya hai.
Aisi baatain uss waqt karo jab tum khud bilkul paak saaf bhi kare gaey toh tumhari phir bhi bakhshish nahi...bcoz kisi dusray insaan par ilazzam lagana (no matter even if tehy r true) aur unka character saari dunya kay sammnay yun taar taar karna is a gunaah e kabeera... hosh kay naakhun lo aur Allah say tauba karo aur maafi maango.
This message is for all of such zaalim people in our socitey. "
Posted by Tariq.Shah (3 yrs ago)
" Zeba from Ambala(India) her Bazaari name is Shaheen, her mother name is Lali Bhai, Zeba was very sharp woman, before her movie career she was in a haram of a well-off landlord and gave birth to her only daughter Samina (which was adopted my Mohammad alis) Zeba had a full-fledge affair with Waheed Murad, during one of their joint film, made in Europe in in 1970, they would openly stay togather in a common hotel suite, which was totally unusual for the rest of the film crew, she out of jealousy married Sudhir as once Mohammad Ali slapped due to one of her openly "bazaari Ada" ,Sudhir put restrictions on her, and she got seriously ill, later on she managed to get a divorce from Sudhir and shortly after married Mohammad Alil, "


Woodbridge NJ, United States (US)