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Drama Serial " Doraha " on Geo Tv - Episode 12 - P-c

Actors: Badar Khalil Mohammad Ahmed Sanam Baloch Parveen Akbar Tahira Wasti Qazi Wajid Ismat Zaidi Adnan Siddiqi
Director: Mehreen Jabbar
Producers: Abdullah Kadwani Humayun Saeed
Writer: Umera Ahmed
TV Channel:Geo TV
Show Name:Doraha
Added:10 Jan 2009
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Posted by singlelady143 (4 yrs ago)
" good dramas to watch are meri zaat zara e be nishaan,tum kahan hum kahan,malal,bol meri machli. "
Posted by irockyou (4 yrs ago)
" shella is become sooooo rude!!!!! "
Posted by destiny101 (5 yrs ago)
" allahu akber
pshyo admi "
Posted by lovepakistan (5 yrs ago)
" wats with the red bag? "
Posted by lovepakistan (5 yrs ago)
" Shaila is a rude cow :( "
Posted by lovepakistan (5 yrs ago)
" POOR SARA. FEEL SO SORRY FOR HER..............:( "
Posted by atiffan1 (5 yrs ago)
" Shaila is incredibly rude! "
Posted by SooLoNely (5 yrs ago)
" Sara Dunt Worry

Posted by durrani (5 yrs ago)
" can someone recommend good dramas (not soaps or indian style ones or those which have half indian cast)

i've already watched Abhi Abhi,Chaar Chand & am currently watching Socha Na Tha,Milay Kuch Yun,Tair-e-Lahoti,Tareekiyan,The Ghost,Mehman & Doraha "
Posted by durrani (5 yrs ago)
" @ termi

its ok when i read the line that "in the novel this happened" i didnt read more after that i dont know whats going 2 happen :D "
Posted by Rimscha80 (5 yrs ago)
" salam to all viewers vidpk friends... very happy to see the struggle of the writer to fight for the stereotypes in the pakistani indian community otherwise most of pakistani dramas just establish the wrong mentality and stereotypes in pakistani culture... very is the best thing one can do for the society..fighting according to own possible resources..keep it up.. Allah hafiz "
Posted by termi (5 yrs ago)
" i mean mujhe kisi aur ki prediction hazm nahi hui "
Posted by termi (5 yrs ago)
" durrani@ i'm really sorry i know i rsort of ruined the suspense well not totally bcuz we dunt know how it will happen im sorry i understand aik dum unbardashtable hogays prediction hazm nahi hui sorry :) "
Posted by smssr84 (5 yrs ago)
" this drama is just out of this world!!!! totally rocking!!! everytime i watch it..... i have goosebumps!!!! zabardast!!!!

thanks for uploading!
and thanks Mehreen Jabbar for presenting such a master piece!!! "
Posted by durrani (5 yrs ago)
" can i make a request to all the people who have already read the novels on which most of the dramas are based:

PLEASE DONT SPOIL THE FUN by telling whats going to happen next !!!

most of us who haven't read it like to speculate and thats y ppl post their opinions here ...will sara get divorced , what will umar do, etc.

thanks a lot !! it would b really appreciated! "
Posted by termi (5 yrs ago)
" sanah@: it is real i mean there is a social mesaage in this drama for all young girls a lot of things have been added though but really thts how our society is bachpan ki engagement, starplus k dramon ka asar, aurat ki 2 se ziada marriages k hona buri baat hai its true atleast for middle and lower middle class "
Posted by termi (5 yrs ago)
" rashidzia@: ive read this novel shehla wont get divorce but asfar will finally divorce sara nd umar will marry her again which i belive quiet bold step as culturally not acceptable "
Posted by sanah (5 yrs ago)
" i dont think it real "
Posted by rashidzia (5 yrs ago)
" For a happy ending both umar and sara will divorce their current spouses and marry againb. But its abit unusual with umaira ahmed. Can anyone tell me that the sara's facebook profile is real or not. "
Posted by HUMAIR_ahm (5 yrs ago)
" according to my way in this drama actor did tremendous job heads off for all "
Posted by samiahisaamniazi (5 yrs ago)
" no it dosnt look unreal i have seen 2 to 3 cases like this around me,,,it happens it is life n life is not bed of roses,,,,,infact while i was watching this drama i was like my God they r showing something tht really happens in our society "
Posted by Bismah (5 yrs ago)
" Ufff bechair Sara, i think she is gona get married with Umar again.... "
Posted by EagleA (5 yrs ago)
" now, he would get marry her again... YEAHHHHHHHHH "
Posted by manooo (5 yrs ago)
" ufff khudaya aise b log hotey hain duniya mein "
Posted by sahirr (5 yrs ago)
" this drama also going to its typical logical end which mostly umera's dramas have shown in past.But i strongly feel that she always shows extremisim of both bad and good things like love and hate,good fortune and bad luck,godess or devil vamp,patience or harsh.which looks sometime unreal. "
Posted by amy22 (5 yrs ago)
" Oh my... Azfar is such a freak... GAWD! And I hope somethign bad happens to Shehla too... "
Posted by rose123 (5 yrs ago)
" oh GOD that's really badddddd.. "
Posted by humairashafi (5 yrs ago)
" cant wait for next episode "
Posted by sheikmo (5 yrs ago)
" Thanks for uploading so quickly. "
Posted by SooLoNely (5 yrs ago)
" m totaly Agreee with you Naureen

Bechari Sara....lekin Shehla Stupid k saath to iss say bhi bura honay wala hai "
Posted by naureen (5 yrs ago)
" poor sara... really feel so bad for her... "
Posted by termi (5 yrs ago)
" hi i am waitin for next episode "


Woodbridge NJ, United States (US)