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Kiran Bukhari's Wedding

Never-seen-before Wedding pictures of Kiran Bukhari, Pakistani model and daughter of famous singer Tahira Syed and veteran TV compere Naeem Bukhari.
Show Name:Jo Kahin Nahin Wo Yahan
Added: 5 Jan 2009
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Posted by (4 yrs ago)
" Groom is beautiful then bride. "
Posted by sabash (4 yrs ago)
" @kamalkhan, @pakgrl, @bilbatori:

Ashraf Habibullah's company:

Check out on youtube: Ashraf Habibullah welcomes 800 guests at his Bollywood Ball "
Posted by kamalkhan (4 yrs ago)
" n yeah the dude ( hubby ) is also a filthy rich pakistani from Californai!!aba ji ki bare software company hain in USA "
Posted by kamalkhan (4 yrs ago)
" she is not any model she is lawyer from harvard!!working in nyc!!yeah pena pilana is no good but all decor n stuf is wooww aisa hai bhai inka pas phainknay ko:) "
Posted by noshees (4 yrs ago)
" Shukar hai meri shadi aisay nahe hui!lol "
Posted by caty (4 yrs ago)
" kaash meri shadi bhi aisay he hoti but not walima pakistan he sahi hai "
Posted by pakgrl (5 yrs ago)
" 'soetoe'His Dad own a Company in California Computer& Structure.'Bilbatori' can you send me the link to see more pics of the wedding/valima "
Posted by bilbatori (5 yrs ago)
" u can go on face book and see more pics of them "
Posted by bilbatori (5 yrs ago)
" they r smart people don't spend money on dresses only on drinks............. "
Posted by soetoe (5 yrs ago)
" I did see an interview of Kiran's in a magazine a few yrs back, so I guess she is a model. Yeah, it is strange they r wearing the same dresses! Which company does the groom's dad own, btw? "
Posted by pakgrl (5 yrs ago)
" I wonder how much it cost for them to do the Valima at San Francisco City Hall. Why is the Kiran & Asif wearing same Shaadi cloths for Valima??? "
Posted by pakgrl (5 yrs ago)
" Is she really a Model? I think I saw the Groom Asif in some event. I guess when your dad owns a Company like his You have to Rent Out City Hall for your Valima. ;) "
Posted by soetoe (5 yrs ago)
" Tahira Syed looks more attractive than her daughter even at this age! "


Woodbridge NJ, United States (US)