ptv classic drama kasak part42

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4 Jan, 2009

Kasak is a story of two persons who in seriously in love with each other. After putting a little effort, they got married with each other and ends up having hard time with each other. The mother in law of woman gave her hard time because she can’t have kids. Finally, they decides to get divorced to end these issues. After the marriage, both got married with new partners. The woman got kids from her second husband but the guy still had no kids. This is a beautiful story that relates the real life story of every family as this issue continues to happen in our society even in this modern days. The cast of the serial is Mazhar Ali, Farah Naz, Khalid Anam, Fazeela Qazi, Seemi Zaidi, Jahanzaib Gorchani, Rubina Ashraf, Qazi Wajid, Zeenat Yasmeen, Tanveer Jamal, and Qaiser Khan. The serial is written by Hasina Moin and directed by Mohsin Ali.