World not supporting Pakistan in WoT - Pakistani envoy

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27 Dec, 2008

The Associated Press reports Pakistan has begun moving thousands of troops to the Indian border. Other reports say Pakistan's army has cancelled leave and ordered troops to report to duty because of tension with India.

Is Pakistan behaving responsibly? CNN-IBN asked Wajid Shamshul Hassan, Pakistan's High Commissioner to the UK and an advisor to President Asif Ali Zardari.

Hassan said it was India which was creating war hysteria and not Pakistan. It is pot calling the kettle black. You (India) started building war hysteria. The Indian media has been publishing stories that the Indian Air Force is well poised to attack Pakistan; that it has identified areas were it will strike and that deadlines have been given to Pakistan, he said.

Pakistan has been playing very cool and has not been drawn into any controversy. It has not replied to Indian diplomatic coercion. Pakistan has been telling India lets talk. We have offered India joint investigation (into terrorism) but India has not responded.

Hasan almost admitted that Indias diplomatic offensive had put international pressure on Pakistan and accused the world of not appreciating his countrys efforts in fighting terrorism.

Pakistan is carrying out a full-scale war against terrorism as no other country is doing. Pakistan has done more than its role in fighting terrorism. The world instead of supporting us has joined the blame game. The Americans and Saudis want us to do more (but) they have always wanted us to do more. We are carrying out a war against terrorism but they dont recognise it.

India has been using coercive diplomacy to isolate Pakistan but it will not succeed. If war is thrust on us we will not sit quiet and we will defend ourselves.

Hassan denied that his government was not willing to accept that Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving gunman involved in the Mumbai attacks, was a Pakistani. It is not denial. We have just stated the fact that our records do not prove that Kasab is a Pakistani national.
Hassan said the Interpol chief had said India has not provided any evidence of Pakistani involvement in the Mumbai attacks or that Kasab was a Pakistani.