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Drama Serial Satrangi on Geo - Last Episode P-b

Actors: Sawera Pasha Sehar Gul Fawad Khan Ambreen Gul
Director: Anjum Shahzad
Writer: Jawwad Daud
TV Channel:Geo TV
Show Name:Satrangi
Added:26 Dec 2008
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Posted by blackrose1929 (2 yrs ago)
" hey no matter how much i wait..not a single video starts up...wys d reason?? "
Posted by asima007 (3 yrs ago)
" really nice drama is this much good in histroy of tv.but ending is really painful.Anyways thanks to cast and crew, and Noman for up loading. "
Posted by rhythma1ife (3 yrs ago)
" this show was amazing... worth watching again and again except for the ending which was so tragic that after knowing shehzore being killed i'll never watch satrangi again. "
Posted by rocknroll (4 yrs ago)
" endig bohat sad ki hai in ko atleast shezor ko nahi marna chaheye tha..... "
Posted by AMNA11 (4 yrs ago)
" itni b burri nae hai endng.... try to undrstand it "
Posted by omermushtaq (4 yrs ago)
" ending change ker do, tu drama super hit ho. "
Posted by omermushtaq (4 yrs ago)
" farig ending hay "
Posted by ahmadbaig (5 yrs ago)
" it really make me cry it was too painful "
Posted by Afsha (5 yrs ago)
" Or phir end main bala Rushna ko keuoon nahi bulaya us book presentation main? or Bisma or Bahzad ka kia phir b aik or trip arrange karnay ko dil chah raha tha apni family k saath....that was rude!! but verryyyy sad ending, made me cry. "
Posted by Afsha (5 yrs ago)
" NO WAY!! oooo lord i can't believe it, such a ridiculous ending! yaaarr itna bura nahi hona chaheay tha is ka end, they could have ended it in a better way. or phir ye baat samaj main nahi atii k kia wo log itnay hi dum thay k jab Ntasha ko apnay kaboo main kar lia tha to Shehzor k bomb b khol daytay phir bahr nikaltay to satrangi se. or phir jab Shehzor k pass gun thi to wo Shahzad ko shot kar dayta bahr nikltay hi...nyways great drama but stupid ending!! "
Posted by muskan_naqvi (5 yrs ago)
" i can not expect this!! so sad that shezor died! drama was very very good but they shouldnt kill shezor!! but anyways thanks to noman who post it here! "
Posted by faiza20 (5 yrs ago)
" thank u so much4 poasting de drama here.The end is pretty sad but still dis drama was diff then other dramas.thanks again "


Woodbridge NJ, United States (US)