Hidden Paradise - Chotok Waterfall - Moola, Khuzdar

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25 Dec, 2008

500 waterfalls at one Place
More then 80 km away from Khuzdar there is a beautiful village called Moola. Moola is a Tehsil of District Khuzdar.
Chotok waterfall is a fine gorge which can be reached Jahan on the Moola river contains a picturesque pool of tepid water, Numberless fantastic springs well forth from crevices in the rocky sides of the gorge which clothed with moss and feon tower huge above the pool. Chotok is located on west river bank of Moola and the route of Moola Gandhawa road 12 km away from Tehsil HQ Kharzan and 98 Km away from Distt: HQ Khuzdar.