Drama Serial " Mehndi " P-7/18

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21 Dec, 2008

Director: Javed Fazil
Cast: Humayun Saeed Ayesha Khan Adnan Siddiqui Aminah Haq Aijazz Aslam Amna Hussain Kamran Jilani Fiza Ali Qazi Wajid Tamanna Jehanara Hai Abid Ali
Producer: Jerjees Seja / Shamim Khursheed
Music Director: Waqar Ali
Plot Summary:
Abid Ali and Jahanara Hai have four daughters, Malaika (Amna Hussain), Sajjal (Ayesha Khan), Alishba (Aminah Haq) and Laiba (Fiza Ali), who are all getting married on the same day. Three of them, Malaika, Sajjal and Laiba have chosen their own partners while Alishba's wedding is an arranged one, to her father's friend (Qazi Wajid's) son Rameez (Aijaz Aslam).
They get married and then each has to face their own difficulties, in marriage. Malaika's husband, Adnan Siddiqui, is a financially weak person and wants Malaika's father to set him up financially.
His demands start from the very beginning, creating problems for Malaika. Rameez was in love with another girl Ramsha and was forced by his parents, Qazi Wajid and Ayesha Khan, to marry Alishba. He marries her and then leaves the house on his wedding night.