911 Coincidences - World Trade Center Crash P-16/18

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18 Dec, 2008

Fake Hijackers

We've been told again and again that 19 Islamic hijackers took over the 4 aircraft used on 9/11. But the passenger manifests from the airlines didn't contain any Arabic passenger names. Not to worry. The FBI corrected this little problem. The FBI's passenger manifests conveniently have about a half dozen more people on each plane than the airline's manifests. But then, there is another little problem with the FBI's version of the story. Amazingly, within a couple of days, the FBI knew who all the hijackers were. Names, pictures, everything we needed to know about them. Some of them were names of people known to be still living in Arab countries or known to have already been dead before 9/11. Just how did the FBI figure out who these alleged hijackers were so quickly when the physical evidence (their bodies) was well shredded and buried in mountains of rubble? Were there really any hijackers at all? Was there some other means to accomplish the control of those ill-fated flights? Is the whole story of the hijackers a concerted media spin effort to conceal the real people, and their goals, behind the terror of 9/11?

We must remember the historical conduct of our main source for our current information/misinformation. The FBI has been exposed for operating an evidence manufacturing laboratory which has been used to concoct evidence and fraudulently convict innocent Americans. The FBI is responsible for truckloads of lost or missing documents and countless bungled investigations, especially when the investigations begin to reveal that those within government are responsible for criminal activity. They continue to possess 22 high quality video surveillance tapes collected from cameras which recorded the Oklahoma City bombing. The FBI still refuses to release the tapes, even though the federal law enforcement agency has been court ordered to do so. And what about the 80 surveillance tapes which recorded the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon? Experience has shown the FBI can't be trusted with the truth. With the FBI's previous history of either manufacturing, falsifying or destroying evidence in critical, high profile cases, aren't these passenger manifest discrepancies, which led to the quick identification of the 19 alleged Arabic culprits of 9/11, a little suspicious?