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Pakistani police torture

This is a video that my cousin made on his cell phone while he was visiting a police station in Pakistan, the police has taken off the boy's shalwar (pakistani pants) and underwear for that matter!! and is beating him with a special kind of shoe called
Show Name:Hai Re Siaasat
Added:26 Sep 2007
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Posted by az8789 (4 yrs ago)
" Pakistan ka system kabhi theek nai ho sukta...zulm ab aur burh gaya hai...sialkot k 2 bhaayon k sath jo kuch hua sb ney dekha hai....ab log achey ka sath nai daitey burey ka bol bala hai...
sb qayamat ki nishanyaan hain. "
Posted by naveera (4 yrs ago)
" you illetrate stupid n cruel chilar (police) laanat on ur manhoos face he is already weak n looking reasonble guy n also he is appologising so y dont u listen to him .hate it on the day of judegement u will get the same punishment or u deserve more than this. "
Posted by (4 yrs ago)
" yes really a sad thing world has so much changed here in germany police can´t even touch a criminal on the otherhand here a less crimes then pakistan i dont know y their hearts donot feel pain "
Posted by amy16 (4 yrs ago)
" jahalat.... dil chahta hay k in mutanday police waloon ko goli mar doon, baygunahoon per zulm aur shaytaan khulay aamm phir rahay hain ... Allah key maar ho in zalimoon per Aameen. "
Posted by rabiamohsin (4 yrs ago)
" kuttay kay bacchay police walay "
Posted by NAZIS (5 yrs ago)
" Allah ki panah hai....khuda in police valon ko pootchy..begairut be gunah logon ko paker ker zulm kerty choar oar daku hain onko nai pakerty...isterhan zulm ker kay beqasoor se bhi jurm ka iqrar kerva lety hain....inkay diloan main reham bhi nahi ata...afsos hai...Nazsih dubai.. "
Posted by shamaila (5 yrs ago)
" OMG they really r animals ........ if he really did something wrong there r 10 other way to punish that guy ........
someone really need to punish these officers as well... "
Posted by RohaniDain (6 yrs ago)
" jeo aur jiney do ya maro aur marney do "
Posted by Rimscha80 (6 yrs ago)
" salam to all brother and sisters...

what shall i say : no comments...zulm has no limits.. "
Posted by qqpakis (6 yrs ago)
" disguisting.... "
Posted by Jasmine (6 yrs ago)
" I wish they replace these ignorant pigs from police and bring Educated ppl in that DEpt. "
Posted by (6 yrs ago)
" thanx god i m liveing in the islamic country of EU and not in kafristan.(pakistan) . islam is no where too see in kafristan, "
Posted by (6 yrs ago)
" u hav no right to call our beloved country pakistan a non islamic countryyy "
Posted by (6 yrs ago)
" What was his crime? What part of Pakistan? The police officer is forgetting that someone in his family could be targetted while innocent. This is so so so so very wrong and sad. Why don't be learn to enforce punishments without body and mental harm? Pakistan needs to change and become a better example for others about treating prisoners fairly. "
Posted by (6 yrs ago)
" I LOVE USA(Heaven). I HATE Pakistan(Hell) "


Woodbridge NJ, United States (US)