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Ye kaun sa Islam hai?

Pir Sahab and His Shirk !!
I dont know how to react on this crap !!
Show Name:Allah-o-Akbar
Added:26 Nov 2008
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Posted by runa (3 yrs ago)
" aisi situation to hajj k waqt bhi kisi ki nahin hoti jab k woh waqt to har muslim k liye bohat qimti hota hai yeh sub drama hai,aise manzar boaht dekhe hain aur agar is se bhi ziyada haseen manzar dekhne hain to rabiul awwal main madni channel dekh lain ya phir youtube par bhi dekh sakte hain "
Posted by NameUndrConstruction (3 yrs ago)
" they all are acting(or otherwise) like they are in "wajd", a state of a person in which he/she loses control over his action and his thoughts are fixed on the Almighty. Usually, a person is not aware of his actions at this time. Wallahu Alam.
My friends, do not make haste in judging people and calling other names, we dont know what happened before this, it might just be true. and as far as the peer sahab is concerned, he is just sitting there making gestures to provoke the crowd, his lack of appropiate action against the person who is doing sjada could be because the latter is not in the right state of mind. Allah knows better. "
Posted by nazia00 (3 yrs ago)
" he is drunk. "
Posted by rider (3 yrs ago)
" yeh saray Gandoo hain. "
Posted by aayaan2007 (3 yrs ago)
" yah jo admi idhar say udhar ja rahya hain yah kiya naach rahya hain yah in pay haal ayya hoa hay?
wht a stupid man Pir is. i know we have pei also but sooo much down to earth. but this crap.oh my God "
Posted by saiqa127 (3 yrs ago)
" what the hell is this? and what are these people doing??? "


South River NJ, United States (US)