The Awaien Show - October 24, 2008 P-1/3

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27 Oct, 2008

The Awaien Show on Geo Tv -
Director: Atif Yusuf
Created by: Omer Ikram
Talent: Omer Issa Mir Mohammed Ali
A witty show based on current affaires and I. R. that will include fake commercials, spoofs, fake interviews of famous personalities and politicians and fake ratings of players. Reviews on the news and performances analysis on actors/movies and lot more.


Linking: Three characters interacting live from three different cities one is an expert.

Breaking News:

Prologue: This segment comprise of one to one conversation with super stars from the world of cricket.

Most Wanted: The segment will give the brief description of a sport person his characteristics and unusual intentions in a funny way.

Fitness Report: In this segment we will show the new meaning of fitness and its importance from sportsmen perspective and unusual tips.

ODI Ratings: Our own fake ratings not only on the basis of their performances on the ground but their performances off the ground as well.

Commercial: Spoof of commercials regarding different aspects of life.