Rejection of Messiah - By Jews:By Muslims (Non-Ahmadiyya)

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22 Sep, 2008

Rejection of Messiah - By Jews:By Muslims (Non-Ahmadiyya). Watch the amazing similarity on the bases of which the Jews & the Muslims rejected their Messiah. The Prophet Muhammad (saw) foretold 1,400 years ago that the 72 sects of Muslims are destine to resemble the 72 sects of Jews (which rejected Jesus as Messiah). Said prophecy is fulfilling word by word and today 72 sects of Muslims are also rejecting their Messiah (Hadhrat Ahmad - Founder of Ahmadiyya movement in Islam) based on same arguments as the Jews are rejecting Jesus as the Messiah. Watch how both the Jews & the Muslims are committing exactly same mistakes of taking the prophecies too literally despite such literal interpretation of prophecies makes them totally against the established laws of nature. Rather such literal interpretation make the prophecies even ridiculous but these people do not use brain in the religious matters.

The Prophet of Islam (saw) foretold that a time will come when Muslims will exactly resemble the Jews. Jews took the Prophecies too literally & thus rejected Jesus as the Messiah because said Prophecies did not fulfilled in that literal sense. The history is once again repeating itself. And the resemblance of the two situations is amazing!!!

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