End of Prophets -- Ahmadiyya vs Non-Ahmadiyya Debate

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14 Sep, 2008

End of Prophets -- Ahmadiyya vs Non-Ahmadiyya Debate. Can there be a subordinate Prophet after Muhammad (saw)? If NO then what will be the status of Messiah to come? Vast majority of Non-Ahmadiyya Muslims also believe that Messiah when appear will have the status of a Prophet (A subordinate one). Thus the doctrine of a subordinate Prophet After Muhammad (saw) is common among majority of Non-Ahmadiyya & Ahmadiyya Muslims. Therefore it is absolutely false propaganda to say that there is a difference among Ahmadiyya Muslims & majority of Non-Ahmadiyya Muslims on the issue of Finality of Prophet-hood. Because both of us believe the Messiah to come after Muhammad (saw) to be a Prophet - although a subordinate one. The actual controversy is however whether 2,000 years old Jesus will physically descend from heaven or some follower of Muhammad (saw) will be given the title of Jesus!

Non-Ahmadiyya are living in fairy tales & myths about 2,000 years old Prophet to come back physically flying from the sky - exactly the way Jews are still waiting for similar descend of Elijah. But Elijah did not descend physically nor will Jesus ever do so. Muslims may wait till the doom's day but NO one will ever return flying from skies!!

Ahmadiyya is the most logical approach towards religion.

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