Hamara Ramadan On Geo Tv

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2 Sep, 2008

In Ramadan the Muslim Umma keep fast from dawn to dusk. During the period of fasting eating, drinking and sexual activities are prohibited. Rich people can afford to fast easily, spending most of their time in their cozy and air conditioned bedrooms while it is really tiresome and troublesome for a poor man to fast and to work for his bread and butter.

In this program we will ask certain questions from the following classes of people

- The representatives of offices

- Students and teaching staff from school, colleges and universities.

- Hospitals, the patients and their doctors

- A common shop keeper

- A poor beggar

- A labor class working in building industry

- A labor class working in the kiln business

- A labor working in a steel mill where iron is melted red hot and there is intolerable heat but the poor labor still prefers to fast

- The jail conditions in our country are not congenial and healthy. Those imprisoned who are undergoing rigorous imprisonment also observe fast

- Do the people come to hospitals and exchange gifts to help recovery from their diseases?

Sots taken from various people of different walks of life and to project their views and ideas through the electronic media. This will surely strengthen a labor class to fast when he will see that another labor also fasting while he has to work in a steel mill where iron is being melted and there is excessive heat

This heat does not prevent him from complying with the fundamentals of Islam i.e fasting

The host of this program is Dr Amir Tuaseen ( PHD )He belongs to a religious educated dynasty. Good and sufficient experience in presenting such religious programs. He will also act as moderator.