Roza Aur Sehat On Geo Tv

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2 Sep, 2008

Islam is a complete code of life. It covers all the problems difficulties woes and weal's of human beings exhaustively. There are five fundamentals of Islam. Fasting (Roza) is obligatory. During the month of Ramazan the Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, during which eating, drinking and doing sexual activities is prohibited. Even then there are a lot of medical advantages for keeping Roza. Hakeem Agha Abdul Ghaffar is a famous Hakeem practicing Tibb-e-Nabwi. He will explain the benefits for fasting according to Tibb-e-Nabwi. He will explain the medical benefits for fasting. He will give certain tips for keeping joyful and healthful fasting. He will also elaborate about the hygienic way ofcooking. He will mention and point out some wrong practices done during the month of Ramazan especially for making Iftari foods. It is a general practice that a lot of spicy and finger biting dishes are cooked, baked andfried during this month. At the time of Iftar pakoraas, samosaas and rolls are deep fried.

After doing this job the left over oil is kept and used for the second third and for the subsequent days for the same purpose. It is totally unhygienic. The use of such oil is detrimental for our health. The Hakeem will also explain the combination of various dishes to be taken at the time of Iftar and sehri either eating of different dishes at the same time is some times harmful or fruitful for our health. The host will elaborate practices done under the Tibb-e-Nabwi specially its comparison with the modern medical science