Mah-e-Mubarak - Ramzan Program By Geo Tv

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2 Sep, 2008

The basic objective of this program is to highlight the significance of the holy month and to explain in detail the events that took place in the month of Ramzan. A lot of significant events took place in this month. Special supplications and prayers are offered during this month. Fasting was also made mandatory in the month of Ramzan. At first the lecturer shall highlight the following characteristics of fasting.

● Fazeelat of Roza.

● When it was mandatory.

● Some dose and donots for Roza.

● Performing the Taraweeh prayers.

● Reciting on Para of the Holy Quran each night.

● Observing Aetkaaf beginning from the last ten days of the month.

● Laila-tul-Qadr, its observance and significance and other religious festivities.

● Zakat and its obligation and other related issues regarding zakat.

The learned scholar Allama Liaquat Azhai will highlight the details of the following events which took place in the month of Ramzan.

● Fasting was made mandatory

● Succession of Imam Ali Raza

● Death of Hazrat Fatima-tu-Zehra

● Murder of Marwan bin Hakam

● Arrival of Amr bin Wahab to Medina

● Succession of Khalifa Hakam bin Abdul Rehman the third

● Death of Mohi-uddin Ibn-e-Arbi

● Death of Hazrat Khadija

● Tughral Baik ki Wafat

● Marriage of Hazrat Sawdia with the Holy Prophet

● Commencement of the caliphate of Al-Qadir Billah

● Battle of Badar

● Death of Abdullah Ibn-e-Mubarak

● Occupation by Abu Saraya on Madaayin

● Birth of Hazrat Hussain Bin Ali

● Murder of Rashid Billah

● Death of Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa

● Muqaddar Billah ki Paidaish

● Conquest of Makah

● Death of Yaqoot Al Hamoodi

● Martyrdom Hazrat Ali

● Descending of the first revelation

● Death of Imam Ibn-e-Maja

● Death of Nasir-uddin Allah

● Sarya Khalid Bin Waleed

● Death of Khalifa Abdul Rehman Saalis

● Lailatul Qadr

● Murder of Sahib Mutanabbih

● Death or Ganghez Khan

● Wiladat Ibn-e-Hazam