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10 Aug, 2008

well hare r the steps:

1: make your account(FREE) on

form the link:

2: make your account on

from url:

(You will think that it is same monotonus routine of clicking on adds, actully It's not read next step)

3: I have bought a software which auto click the adds on which i will gove to you when you will creat the account on from the URL written up(,

when you make your account i will get conformation tht you hav made acoount,then mail me you username(For conformation) on my mail address and you will get tht software from me(FOR FREE), al you have to do is give me favour to make account from URL( give up,

software is ezy to use, and more then userfriendly.just enter you user and pass of in software and doyour work it will auto click all the add of day. Internet is needed for software to work,i can gove u evidence(Picture) if you request.

Best regard's

and Enjoy Life